Screenshot of FBR’s website — File Photo
Screenshot of FBR’s website — File Photo

KARACHI, Sept 27: The Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) has urged the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to extend the last date for filing of tax returns for the tax year 2012. The last date announced is September 30, 2012.

The tax bar submitted that taxpayers and tax consultants are facing multiple problems in preparing tax returns on the e-portal of the FBR which is not only consuming a lot of time but there is a major hassle in respect of filing of the returns.

The KTBA gave a long list of problems and irritants being faced by the taxpayers and tax consultants while filing income tax returns for the year 2012.

Most of these problems and irritants are related to FBR’s e-portal which is not functioning properly and dose not follow the Income Tax Rules 2002, governed und

er Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Iqbal Ahmad Abdan general secretary of the KTBA pointed out that the issues related to tax return form IT-2 and IT-4 were raised before the FBR, but so far no solutions have been forwarded by the board.

He complained that when data is filled by a taxpayer in annexure “G” of the return form IT-2, all the data disappears when main IT-2 form is opened for making any correction. As a result taxpayer has to fill the whole annexure again to make even a minor correction.

Highlighting another problem, he said in the same annexure if a taxpayer has no business name, his/her name on the NTN should be taken as the business name in the tax return which the annexure does not entertain.

This irritant needed to be resolved at the earliest, he asserted. Similarly, he said in the tax form IT-4 which has to be filled by the retailers, its contents could not be saved until and unless the CPR number is inserted which in the opinion of the tax bar should be taken care of.

Mr Abdan stated that wealth statement form is not operative and is lengthy and cumbersome as taxpayer has to give the particulars of each and every entry under each item along with the description of the same.

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