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KARACHI: The former partners of PPP-led coalition in the province including Pakistan Muslim League (Functional), National Peoples Party and PML-Q, who had parted ways tendering resignations over the differences on SPLGO 2012, submitted application on Thursday to the Deputy Speaker Ms. Shehla Raza for allocating separate seats in opposition benches.

The application, signed by Jam Madad Ali of PML-F, Masroor Jatoi of NPP and Shaharyar Khan Mahar of PML-Q, was addressed to the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

All the three, accompanied by MPAs Ms. Nusrat Sahar Abbasi, Ms. Marvi Rashdi, Rana Sattar, Abdul Razak Rahmoon of Arbab Ghulam Rahims PML (Like Minded) and others met the Deputy Speaker Ms. Shehla Raza in her chamber and handed over the application as Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro was not in the office.

The application states that the parliamentary parties of PML-F, NPP and PML-Q have decided to sit at opposition benches in Sindh assembly therefore they may be allocated separate seats.

The PML-Like Minded of former Chief Minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim, having four members namely Abdul Razak Rahmoon, Arbab Zulfiqar, Chetan Mal and Nazar Pathan, is already in opposition.

With allocation of separate seats, the number of opposition members would rise from current four to 16, as the PML-F has eight members, NPP three members while one Shaharyar Mahar of PML-Q, who has joined the opposition against the party policy that has decided to continue as coalition member in Sindh and Center. Other MPAs of PML-Q have not supported Shaharyar Mahars move.

After submitting the application, Jam Madad reiterated his partys stance on SPLGO and told media that they will never support it being against the integrity of Sindh.

The SPLGO is part of conspiracy to divide Sindh. Meanwhile, sources in Sindh assembly told that Deputy Speaker has not yet forwarded the application to assembly secretariat. As per rules and procedure, the application has to be submitted to the assembly secretariat from where the Secretary of Assembly has to forward it to the Speaker for any decision.

Currently, Secretary Hadi Bux Buriro is hospitalized being injured in road accident, and Ghulam Muhammad Umer has assumed the office as acting secretary.

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ali ahmed
Sep 27, 2012 07:47pm
few MPA" want to dictate the majority..
Sep 27, 2012 05:55pm
what conspiracy, everythin is conspiracy for these illerate selfish mps; did they even read the text of the draft,? its ppl like these that do not allow us to progress labelling everythin as conspiracy ; may god give us education