LAHORE, Sept 26: The Lahore High Court on Wednesday abolished a mandatory condition of pasting “stamp tickets” on petitions filed in the court.

The division bench, headed by Justice Khalid Mahmood Khan, abolished the condition while dismissing a review petition moved by the LHC registrar.

On a petition filed by Barrister Javed Iqbal Jaffrey, a single bench in 2004 had also removed the condition of pasting stamp tickets on petitions. However, the registrar office had filed the review petition against the order.

Barrister Jaffrey had pleaded that the Supreme Court and other high courts in the country had already abolished the condition of attaching stamp tickets with petitions.

He said the money earned on the sale of stamp tickets was credited to the Punjab government and no service/facility was provided to litigants either by the government or the Lahore High Court.

The division bench upheld the decision of the single bench and dismissed the review petition of the registrar.

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