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NOWSHERA, Sept 24: Enraged protesters ransacked a newly established toll collection plaza on G.T. Road here on Monday.

The toll plaza was established by National Highway Authority near the Azakhel Park.

The protesters, mostly villagers of Nowshera, were also joined by drivers, businessmen and commuters in their protest as they were also opposing setting up of the toll plaza on G.T. Road.

The protesters marched towards the plaza after the staff started collection fee from vehicles on the first day of its establishment.

They ransacked the cabins, shattered streetlights and burned the furniture. The toll plaza staff and the contractor saved themselves by entering Azakhel police station. Vehicular traffic remained suspended on the road during the violent demonstration against the establishment of the toll plaza. The protesters chanted slogans against the elected representatives from the district for their failure to stop construction of the toll plaza.—Correspondent

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