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Music not war

(L-R) Atif Aslam & Himesh Reshammiya

There is nothing war-like about music. There can never be. Even the most patriotic of songs carry melody and rhythm which means music is essentially (well, most of the time) about tender feelings.

These days a music competition show between Pakistani and Indian young singers can be seen on a local TV channel. The Pakistani vocalists are captained by Atif Aslam while Himesh Reshamya is the skipper of the Indian side. The panel of judges comprises legends Abida Parveen, Runa Laila and none other than Asha Bhosle.

If on the one hand it is such auditory delight listening to the young, mellifluous voices from both countries, on the other hand the unnecessary theatrics and war lingo between Himesh R and Atif A mars the whole charm of the show. It is understandable that the programme has to have some kind of drama in it, but not all the time. They could use it sparingly. And why does an India-Pakistan meet always have to be confrontational? Couldn’t the organisers of the gig think of a peaceful way to judge each other’s upcoming talent?

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Sayyed Bukharee
Sep 24, 2012 05:34pm
This is a good program and a positive move to improve relations but as it is, its format needs to be changed to preclude the prevailing acrimonious environment. The following points will go a long way to improve it. (1) The Captains should not comment on the performance of singers from either side in the presence of very competent and experts. (2) The numbering of 10 or zero should be done away with and the judges should award numbers from 1 to 10 according to their own judgement. It reflects adversely on the competence & neutrality of the judges if one judge is awarding 10 and another judge is giving Zero to a singer for the same performance. (3) The aggressive words like JUNG etc should not be used by either Ayesha Takia or the captains etc. It is a sweet program of music competition and lets keep it at that and enjoy both by all the music lovers.