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The (un)real news

A few years back when the programme The Real News went on air it gained a niche audience. Why niche audience? Because it was in the English language and the humour that Saad Haroon and Danish were presenting was sharp, despite the fact that it catered to a certain market.

Now the show is back on the same channel but with two changes. There is no Saad Haroon and it’s in the Urdu language. It has to be said that watching the episode that went on air on Sept 15, in which Danish interviewed a fellow by the name of Ali Safina, it lacked the zing that it used to have. The programme dragged on for minutes and minutes, though there were some interesting moments in between. It is hard to say why it isn’t the same. Let’s hope with a little bit of tweaking it might prove to be fun-filled.

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