CHILD labour is a violation of child labour laws. …In Pakistan, child labour is very common in both rural and urban localities. One can see children working at workshops, hotels, restaurants, shops, bus stands and bazaars. Similarly, in rural areas children labour in agricultural fields, collecting grain, fodder, hay, supervising livestock herds and cutting firewood. Sometimes, children are forced to do work that is beyond their physical capacity but they have no choice. Many children thus lose the chance to be educated or play games, forced instead to labour on in violation of the laws.

To overcome the menace of child labour, some people are of the opinion that poor people should be given financial assistance….

Those thinking about supporting children financially are correct but sometimes such assistance further complicates the situation; it becomes a habit for people to stretch their hands before others. The best way to support poor children is to meet their elders and extend support…. All segments of society should extend their cooperation to each other and ensure that the maximum number of children get educated and play their role for the betterment of the country.

The government has initiated a scheme to provide free books to students in government-run schools, which is a good step. If people belonging to different sections of society extend proper cooperation, most such problems can be resolved. The prevailing situation, where anti-state elements are using children for nefarious purposes, is also very shocking. … — (Sept 20)

Selected and translated by Ali Hazrat Bacha.

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