‘A symbolic gesture’

Published Sep 21, 2012 12:06am

APROPOS of your editorial ‘A symbolic gesture’ (Sept 15), I would like to add to your useful comments that it is unfortunate that we do not learn lessons from past experiences. Many incidents of fire breaking out took place and inquiries, if held, bore no fruit.

Besides, the criminal negligence in the Baldia garment factory, fire also broke out in chemical/paint factories in the past. No one suggested remedial measures to avert occurrence of fire in the future.

In my opinion, all factories need to be certified on account of safety by an authorised body like the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO). If this practice is implemented, periodical checks will force factory owners to either adopt safety measures or face a ban on their business.

I appeal to the federal and provincial departments to get hold of all their records and their periodical inspection reports. Defaulters, if found in any corner of Pakistan, must be given an exemplary punishment so that these incidents do not be repeat in the future.

Availability of elevators in sufficient numbers must also be ensured in future in facilitating access of fire- fighters to multi- storyed buildings of factories in order to evacuate persons trapped.


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Abdul Malik
Sep 21, 2012 06:41am
Excellent ! here in Canada every building, 4 floor and above, have a dedicated elevator marked for exclusive use of the Fire Marshall and his crew of fire fighters so that in case of fire effected floors are accessable to the fire fighters.
Hadi Sakey
Sep 21, 2012 02:17pm
Thanks to British Raj who left behind Factories Act 1935, followed by Boilers Act, Electrical Inspectors Act etc. The rules and regulations framed by them remained in the books only because Pakistani rulers and functionaries never bothered about their adherence. Boiler Inspectors or Electrical Inspectors never go out to check the boilers, electrical installations etc. In Sind the Chief Minister stopped such actions verbally to gain political mileage. Under such circumstances nobody can guarantee the safety of hapless workers.