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Defeated cricketers return home

KARACHI: The second batch of defeated and battered Pakistan cricketers returned to Karachi in the early hours of Thursday morning by PIA Boeing from their ill-fated 18-week tour of England.

The members of the team included skipper Javed Burki, Manager Brig Ghaziuddin Hyder, former captain Fazal Mahmood, Wallis Mathias, Nasimul Ghani, Afaq Husain and Assistant Manager Maj S.A. Rahman.

While there were thousands last week at the airport to welcome the hockey heroes back home from their Jakarta triumph, there were just three individuals — all on duty — to greet the cricketers. The only persons who met the members of the team near the tarmac were two Pressmen and the Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan, Mr Mohammad Husain. What a contrast!

Our cricket stars just managed to win four first class matches, including two against the universities, regarded among the weakest combinations in that country.

Skipper Javed Burki was most disappointed by the result of the series which, he said, was marred by poor weather and injuries, particularly to the bowlers.

Pakistan cricket was fully exposed on this tour as our players persistently failed to adjust themselves to the English playing conditions, said the captain. He further said that some of our stars had become so used to the dead wickets of Karachi and Lahore that they gave the impression of not being matured when faced with playing conditions in England where the ball moved appreciably in the air.

He emphasised that different type of wickets in the country were a necessity if we were to make any headway in international cricket. — Sports Correspondent

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