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Traders to protest

ISLAMABAD, Sept 18: The traders of federal capital will observe a shutter down strike on Friday September 21, in protest against the derogatory US film.

The traders have also announced that they will gather at China Chowk, after Friday prayers and hold a protest march towards the Parliament.

The decision was made at the meeting of Traders Action Committee, held here Tuesday.

Talking to media after the meeting, Chairman of the Committee, Ajmal Baloch said that their protest was to pressurise the government to take a serious note of US policies in this regard.

“Every nation has its limitations — when it is clear and known to all that Muslims get annoyed with derogatory remarks or actions then the US should make sure that their citizens behave properly,” he said.

Mr Baloch added: “When Iranian President described ‘Holocaust’ as fake stunt — why did the ‘so-called’ champion of freedom of speech get annoyed.”

He said that the protest would be peaceful and the protest rally will highlight the anger and frustration faced by business community against such blasphemous publication.

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