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Heartbreaker Ranbir enraged!

It seems that success has gone to the big head of Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor quickly than anyone had anticipated. He can act smug and snooty when it comes to the media.

Last week, during an event related to his forthcoming film Barfi, when journalists hurled questions at him about his relationship with his female co-actors, Ranbir K lost it. He said, “If your question is how did I feel working with Anurag Basu, then I will respect you. But if you ask me questions like ‘Why did I not have an affair with Ileana?’, then you will lose respect. So I’d like you to ask me questions about my work, not about my affairs.” By the way Ileana is the girl who is working alongside him in Barfi.

Well, all we can say is the reason no one puts questions about his acting to him is that it just ain’t worth it. Come to think of it, so are his relationships.

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