ISLAMABAD, Sept 15: The Rohtas Gallery is hosting one of its biggest art shows with more than 65 artists from across the country gathering to celebrate 30 years of its existence.

Naeem Pasha the owner of the gallery described the upcoming event on September 24 the most significant exhibition of contemporary Pakistani art that traced its development over the last three decades.

The National Art Gallery has lent three galleries on two floors to accommodate more than 160 works.

The artists are recognised worldwide and the show will celebrate the contribution the Rohtas Gallery has made over three decades to the development of contemporary art in Pakistan.

According to Naeem Pasha, the exhibition and extensive collection of work told the story of the contribution Rohtas Gallery had made to the development of contemporary art in the country, inspiring young artists, providing a space for their creative works.

Most of the artists will show works from that period in which they had exhibited at Rohtas Gallery as well as their new works.

The reason the gallery chose this format for the exhibition was to show the artists’ personal creative evolution as well as the history of contemporary art and its development over the years.

Naeem Pasha explained that the Rohtas gallery had over three decades encouraged Paksitani artists to challenge themselves, and had defied attempts to impose constraints by those who opposed free expression and artistic creativity.

“Rohtas has given opportunity and inspiration to young artists who have matured and developed into world famous artists, whose works today are displayed in galleries around the world,” said Naeem Pasha.

The curator of the exhibition artist and art critic Quddus Mirza described the collection as celebration of art in the country.

The display would include installation art, graphic designs, videos and sculptures besides several others.

“The show is about exchange of ideas and initiating discussions between artists and art lovers,” said Quddus Mirza who elaborated on how the exhibition would reflect on the richer and brighter image of the country.

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