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Ranbir wants a box-office century?

UTV's official poster for the upcoming movie 'Barfi'. — File Photo

Look who's trying to out-roar 'tiger' (only at the box-office, of course).

Only a Kapoor boy can truly claim to score a box-office century like the Khans, and going by Ranbir's claims, looks like he'll soon be the member of this crorepati club.

According to a report in Times of India.

Here's the story:

When he was at the zoOm studios, we quizzed him about the much-hyped 100 cr club, and in his trademark tongue-in-cheek style, he jokingly revealed, "I want to be part of the 500 cr club.

But as of now, I'm looking at a 300 cr opening day for Barfi!" Well, we don't know about the figures yet, but we're sure there'll be a celebration at one club or the other!

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