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LAHORE, Sept 11: The Lahore High Court on Tuesday dismissed a petition challenging the use of title of “My Lord” for judges of superior courts and bowing in front of them during court proceedings.

Through a short order, Justice Nasir Saeed Sheikh announced his verdict reserved last week and dismissed the petition.

Senior lawyer A K Dogar had filed the petition pleading that a presidential order printed in PLD 1981 Central statute 231 maintained that the expressions like ‘My Lord’ and ‘Your Lordship’ would be replaced by ‘Sir’ or ‘Janab-i-aali’ as the former denoted an element of ‘slavish mentality’.

He had further argued it was unIslamic to bow before any human being, more so, a person in authority.

The lawyer had sought court directions for federal and provincial governments, Pakistan Bar Council, Punjab Bar Council, Lahore High Court Bar Association and Lahore Bar Association to implement the President’s Order and restrain the lawyers from using such expressions for judges and bowing before them.

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