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Suicide bomb blast kills five Afghans: officials

The photo shows the site of a bomb attack in Afghanistan. — File photo

HERAT, Afghanistan: A suicide bomber killed an Afghan police commander and four civilians in a remote town near the Turkmenistan border on Tuesday, police said.

The bomber, strapped with explosives, followed the local police official into a shop and blew himself up, killing the officer and four others, the deputy police chief of western Herat province, Abdul Hamid Hamidi told AFP.

The attack happened in Kushki Kuhna district.

Six other people, mostly civilian bystanders, were wounded.

There was no claim of responsibility but most suicide bombings are blamed on Taliban insurgents.

The attack came on the 11th anniversary of the Sept11, 2001 attacks, which saw the United States lead military action in Afghanistan a month later to bring down the Taliban regime.

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