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Style check: Strike a pose!

The 20-designer exhibition and fashion presentation held recently at Brands Just Pret in Clifton, Karachi, featured collections by Madiha Noman, Weave by Mubashira, Sarah’s, Aeliya & Sam, Hana Faisal, Najia Malik, Hejab Zafar, Musnad by Sana, Unbeatable by Shehla, SNL, Sohadz, Tanaaz, Bailin, Saakh, Sarah & Razina (S&R), Colors by Amna Ansari, Hasina Khanani, Mariam Faisal, Dali by Sheema and Zara & Fatemah.

Edgy and futuristic hair and make-up by Saima Rasheed saw the models sporting dramatic eye make-up in fluorescent colours, and made up to look like birds of paradise while they paraded outfits that featured a colour palette of whites, crèmes, neon red and blues, denim, abstract prints, two-tone shirts, classic black with diamantes and silk thread embroidered motifs on sheer sleeves plus many more.

The styling complimented the outfits and underlined the individual personality of the models, making it all the more vibrant as they rode down the mall escalator onto a makeshift ramp before striking a pose for the cameramen. The overall look remained one of uber sophistication and urban chic, with some of the models’ hair strongly reminiscent of those worn by silent era movie stars. High fashion, indeed. — Irfan Qamar

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