The voice of youth

FOR the ensuing elections prominent political parties have announced their strategies. The rising concerns about youth vote have provoked many parties to target youth in their next elections.

The PML-N also decided to attract the youth. For this purpose laptops are distributed and announcement of distribution of more laptops next year was made.

The MLN’s strategy was good to the extent that it met with the Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF)-sponsored scholars (as one of the sponsored scholars told me) to identify the demands of the youth as a marketing strategy always identifies the needs of customers.

The scholars were obviously young but considering only this age bracket may undermine the rights of other age brackets. It may be the case that the youth’s demands were influenced by the MLN itself through PEEF incumbents.

Whatever the case, the fulfillment of the youth’s actual needs, which can turn the picture in the next election, would bring the victory for both, Pakistan and the MLN.

The Pakistani youth’s needs should be identified by consulting all age brackets.

The proper guidance, proper education, job opportunities, etc, are the needs which would be productive for the country if fulfilled.

I hope our political parties would consider all this before making a final strategy for youth votes.


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Sep 08, 2012 09:14am
One can mourns bankruptcy of youth minds if they vote PML-N mere on getting free laptops. Being educated and considered architects of future, they should consider broader issues like a party?s program on reducing inflation, creating job opportunities, spending more funds on human resource development and least but not the last to resolve energy crisis. Off-coursers ongoing terrorism is also a prime issue which should come under focus in the next election. One can hope that Pakistan youth will cast their votes on future of their country and not on short term personal benefits.
Sep 08, 2012 06:13am
Youth doesn't need laptops. Youth needs a lot of education and industry development so that they can find jobs. That is why I find that even though PTI's manifesto is less glamorous, it is much more focused on the goals of youth and the nation.