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Airbus's new way to travel

Passenger aircraft flying in formation like birds are likely to be a feature of aviation in the second half of this century, according to plans revealed by aviation giant Airbus.  - Video by Reuters

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Sep 11, 2012 04:18am
flying in a formation is already done by combat aircraft since they have limitations on fuel due to payloads. If formation flying can be adopted into commercial aviation that would be great. However, it will be best when all the aircraft in the formation are same. But the existing passenger aircraft flying today must be tested for their behaviour in formation flying.
Sep 07, 2012 11:12pm
nice if we be alive
Sep 08, 2012 04:56pm
Birds are using recycling fuel. Birds eat plants, insects and worms. They expell out what remains in the body as waste. The feces is not as potent in energy as it was consumed. The ecology is maintained. The machines are wasting the fossile energy. Hopefully by 5050, as claimed by the participant in the video, a new source of enery might be develped saving fossil fuel for the poor people of the earth and saving the greenhouse effects.