Cement export increased 18.23 per cent in July

Cement bags — File Photo
Cement bags — File Photo

ISLAMABAD: The cement export from the country during the first month of current financial year has registered an increase of 18.23 per cent as compared to the same month of last year.

The export of cement posted positive growth in term of US dollars as about 545,125 metric tons cement worth US$ 46.197 million was exported during the month of July 2012 as against the export of 740,592 metric tons worth US$ 39.074 million in July 2011.

According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the export of cement remained  down as compared to the previous month as it was recorded at 612,500 metric tons of US$ 52,064 million.

However, the export of gems and jewellery during the first month of current financial year has registered an increase of 9.96 and 143.78 per cent respectively as about one metric tons gems of US$ 0,265 million were exported against the export of one million metric tons worth US$ 0.241 million same month of last year.

Meanwhile, the export of jewellery posted growth of 143.78 per cent during period under review as jewellery valuing US$ 195.7 million exported as compared with the 6.906 US$ million same month last year.

In July 2012, the export of furniture witnessed negative growth of 20 per cent as its export dropped down from US$ 0.763 million in July 2011 to US$ 0.604 million in July 2012.

During the period under review, handicrafts export posted zero per cent growth while gur and gur products increased by 121.96 per cent.

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