Stopping wooden cartons for fruits

TREES are like humans. We take oxygen and expel carbon dioxide while trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. If one tree is cut, it means we have lost one human life.

In Sindh for the last 25 years we have been cutting trees and forests instead of growing them.

Due to a decline in forest cover, we are facing weather changes today, including drought and rain shortage. Also carbon dioxide content is increasing in the atmosphere.

Hundreds of millions of rupees have been allocated but the forest department , agriculture department, TMAs, district governments and the National Highway Authority have failed to ensure tree plantation.

Unfortunately, wooden cartons from trees are used for packaging fruits all over the country. This is a big source of wooden carton supply in the country from Sindh. This also is a reason for tree shortage. People cut trees and make cartons for fruit packaging.

Wooden cartons should be banned and instead disposable gutta cartons and fiberglass sheets be used for fruit packaging and delivery. These cartons can be recycled and used again.


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Hadi Sakey
Sep 04, 2012 03:11am
I fully support the views expressed by Dr. Abdul Qadeer. The wooden crates used for the export of mangoes to Middle Eastern countries are thrown in the garbage. The wooden boxes are used only once.
Sep 03, 2012 11:18pm
Excellent post Dr. Sab, I never have thought about it but I totally agree with you. Do you know, instead of writing a blog at a news paper, who else this issue can be raised with? May be any authority that may be incharge of the subject matter? I am more than happy to write letter(s) raising this concern to relevant authorities.