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The primary and secondary schools curricula (being taught to children in public and private schools in Punjab and Sindh) is replete with content that can fan hatred, prejudices, torture, extremism and religious intolerance in society.

The curricula ‘hate material’ is mostly targeted at religious minorities including Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and the neighbouring country, India. There is also a lot of material that has the potential to turn innocent minds against the Englishmen.

Despite hectic and repeated efforts by human rights organisations and impartial educationists aimed at pointing out negativity being promoted through textbooks, especially for the last three decades, the latest textbooks have more hate content than those written previously.

A content analysis report (of the books published by Punjab and Sindh textbook boards) prepared by the National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP), entitled “Education or Fanning Hate” says the hate content has increased manifold with the passage of time. Many textbooks that had no hate material in their earlier versions, now carry such material both in Punjab and Sindh.

Educationists believe that now the issue of religious intolerance should be discussed openly and that must lead to some action to save younger students from such influences at the outset.

The content analysis report on Punjab textbooks states that there were 45 lines containing hate material in the books published in 2009-11, which rose to 122 lines in 2012. Urdu and Pakistan Studies’ textbooks for Class-VII, VIII, IX and X were found to be the “most-affected” as the hate material swelled from 15 lines to 86 lines this year. In all, 22 lessons in the current primary and secondary schools curricula have hate content.

According to the report, the 2009 textbooks for Class-IX and X Urdu (grammar and composition), Class-IX Pakistan Studies textbook, Class-VI History book and Class-VIII social studies had no hate content but the latest versions of these textbooks have three, three, one and four lessons, respectively, that contain such material. The Class-VIII Urdu textbook had also one such lesson, but in the new book the number has risen to three.

The report also mentions that hate material lessons which were part of Class-VII Islamiyat and Class-VIII social studies were removed from the latest textbooks. It is worth mentioning, as per the report, that Punjab’s textbooks carry no hate content against Sikhs.

Similarly, the hate material lessons in Sindh Textbook Board (STB) books being taught from Class-I to Class-X in public schools has doubled as compared to 2009-11 textbooks.

The STB Urdu books published during 2009-11 for Class-V, VIII, IX and X carried no hate material but those produced in 2012-13 have one, seven, and one hate material lessons, respectively. The STB, however, removed such material from Class-VI social studies and Class-VII Islamiyat textbooks.

The speakers at a seminar on “Biases in Textbooks and Education Policy” lauded the NCJP’s executive director Peter Jacob and researchers Yousaf Benjamin and Attaur Rehman Saman for highlighting the hate content in the textbooks. They said the effort could lead to removal of such material from curriculum to help build a peaceful and tolerant society in Pakistan. Punjab education minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman was conspicuous by his absence from the seminar. Educationist Dr A.H Nayyar said the report had precisely pointed out the rot that was pushing Pakistani society and its future generations towards devastation. “Still, there are no signs that these howlers in textbooks will be removed,” he said dejectedly.

Sharing his past experiences, he said, the anti-liberal and anti-secular forces were working systematically in Pakistan and frustrated all efforts being made in the right direction with one subtle entry. “In 1997, we worked hard to develop an education policy and developed seven policy drafts one after another. Then, the eighth draft came from nowhere that carried a chapter on ‘Islamic education’,” he said.

Educationist Dr Baela Raza Jamil said the 1997-like situation was again witnessed in 2009, when Chapter-IV on ‘Islamic education’ was inserted in the education policy from “backdoor”. Within a month’s time, the education policy was approved by the federal cabinet.

She said the National Curriculum made in 2006 was much better in many ways but it was never implemented. Still, she said, textbooks were being produced that carried hate material and fostering intolerance among Muslims against Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and the Englishmen.

Dr Jamil called for original thinking and its promotion at all levels to change the rotten mindset prevailing in society. She also urged joint efforts, even in terms of subtle actions, rather than just talking on the issue in seminars.

Educationist Dr Mehdi Hassan said the whole world was afraid of religious education being imparted to children in local madrassahs. Stating that only four per cent children were seeking education in madrassahs, he added that if the government ensured quality and unbiased education to 96 children in public and private schools then that four per cent would become irrelevant. “Teachers are neither competent, nor educated and trained enough to develop a nation that could compete at international level,” he regretted.

Commenting that the level of gender discrimination in textbooks was very high, he said, the responsibility to develop a tolerant society lied with the teachers and curriculum-makers.

NCJP’s Peter Jacob stressed that hate material must be eliminated form textbooks otherwise incidents like Hindus migration to India and arrest of 11-year Christian girl Rimsha would continue to happen.

He also called for judicial activism and stressed that different discriminatory matters relating to minorities and biased content in textbooks should be taken to courts.

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Akhter Husain
Sep 03, 2012 09:19am
Hatred is a characteristics of evil doers.They may be adults,educated, illiterates,religious or secular.The spread of hatred through educational institutions must be eliminated.But it does not mean that the children are not taught the history as it happened.
Sep 03, 2012 06:37pm
Raj, there are a fair number of Muslim Pakistanis who are as much against all this religious intolerance and hatred as you are. It is a shame and disgrace what our children are being taught. This is why , I do not have my children studying in such schools. They follow the Senior Cambridge curriculum and Islamiyat is retaught them at home. However, I have to agree with you, agar isi tarah lage rahe to Pakistan aur Pakistani Muslims ka bera gharq ho jaega!!!! Education authorities, note and change . Do not be afraid of idiotic Mullahas!!!
Sep 04, 2012 11:52am
I think they are brain washed from their child hood and some terreble incidents in India against muslims ,created by greedy polititions makes them belief more strongly that hindus are against muslims in India.Some problem with muslim communities in India is , they don't value modern education,so they are not as successfull as hindus. From My personal experience a very good friend of mine in old delhi, we use to work together in a shop. he lived with his parents,while i was renting.I improved my education and changed few jobs saved money and moved to overseas with family, this year I met him after 25 years,now he owns a small business,have 6 children and all drop out from school ,they all live in same house of his parents ,all 4 sons work in same business ,he looks 10years older of his age and still struggling, other side I own my house in a western country and my all 3 children are university graduates and I have enough for my retirment
dr vimal raina
Sep 05, 2012 06:22am
We have political problems with our neighbours but we do not hate Bangladeshis , Sri Lankans or Chinese.Mind it.
Sep 06, 2012 01:16pm
Even humans have a thin red line......or else we are animals...hope u get it..and u r an human too..
Sep 03, 2012 03:59pm
How about an article on "The history of hate in Pakistani school textbooks" by one of Dawn's excellent reporters? I remember hearing on the BBC 10 years or so ago (by a reporter named Owen) about the hate expressed in Pakistani textbooks. From the other responses it seems like it was removed in 2006. And now this article says it is there but provides no examples. But of course it hurts Pakistan more than it hurts India. And the hate being blared from TV and LeT is far more damaging.
Sep 04, 2012 11:16am
i dont know what are you talking about, i had hindu and christan friends when i was in school and collage. we play together and we eat togherther.... there was no haterd at all and there was no discremination in schools.
Muhammad Asif
Sep 04, 2012 06:24am
@Bill: agreed, but does this allow fanning hatred among Muslims against the minorities. No. Islam does not allows this.
Sep 04, 2012 04:02am
Ramble on!
Sep 04, 2012 04:59am
Better closed than open
Sep 03, 2012 07:40pm
Very well said.I completely agree that the western media as well the citizens from across the border has nothing better to do except bash Pakistan and Islam. If this article has substance then where is govt. to stop this.They should replace this material with high standard curriculum because hatred will serve no better. I believe, if we want to fight this negative propaganda against Islam and Pakistan, we should all lift the weapon of PEN not MISSILES.
zehra abidi
Sep 04, 2012 03:55am
good points u mention
Sep 04, 2012 04:56am
that's right. not a single example given. A report without proof is baseless.
Amit Singh
Sep 04, 2012 10:44am
brother their are good and bad people everywhere however as far as our history books are concerned 90% things are factually correct barring few things around Independence and separation......
Sep 04, 2012 11:14am
You apparently do not know what the Madrassas teach. The 'literacy rate' at religious schools is not so low..
Mohd Asmim
Sep 03, 2012 12:08pm
This is how the army makes its bread.
Sep 03, 2012 04:44pm
Disaster,I would say!
Sep 03, 2012 04:44pm
I am from this system and I dont need examples, I can recall my social studies book, when it says "mashriqi bazo" bangladesh was separated because of Indian conspiracy and how they potrayed about 65 war in the books. I used to beleive it for a while, but I realized it while reading other sources and to be honest in Pakistan, these days if we want to learn from our mistakes this is the time. The only problem is with our nation is that there are ignorant about facts and they refuse to read. Also we need to learn from the world, what are they doing and what are doing. Onus is on us not on government.
Sep 04, 2012 01:30am
Well free media for grown ups, and inserting hate and intolerance in very young immature brains is different. If you want to compare Americans radio talk shows, they are still less inflammatory than the hate propaganda from our mosques and madrassas. There is no killing in the name of religion in the west comparing to our Islamic republic.
Sep 05, 2012 06:20am
You really are a very very angry person. I know a lot of people who do not watch Indian movies, a lot of people do not want to go to the west, on the contrary I know a lot of westerners want to go to Dubai because that is where the money is. I do agree that there are some people in India and Pakistan alike who will fit the profile you have painted. The Christians of Pakistan have served their country quite well and in return there were not treated accordingly. They were teachers, army officers and other highly educated professionals a good majority has already left the country. I went to a missionary school in Pakistan and can tell you from personal experience, All my teachers were Christians, a majority of which were very decent but a small number of them were very hateful as well. I am talking fifty years ago. Dear Naz majority of people in Pakistan are very nice regardless of their religion and then there are people who are other wise. The government of Pakistan has miserably failed to protect its minorities, ironically the minorities all voted for the current political party in power . Need I say more.
Sep 03, 2012 04:51pm
Sami, you are a good example of the subject of this article. Contrary to your belief few are interested in defaming Islam as you say, they are more interested in avoiding the problems created by Islamic extremist.
Humayun Faiz
Sep 03, 2012 04:54pm
exactly, There are numerous other examples, which can be quoted to prove that hatred material is being expanded by the influence of clerics. The text boards intentionally propagate it. Body members of text boards are full of volatile extremists. Need to be reviewed .
Sumit Mazumdar
Sep 03, 2012 05:05pm
Bill: American Christian preachers and right wing radio hosts, or Indians writing private blogs do not represent the State. Their reach is not as long. Also, the Governments of US as well as India openly have argued and fought against hatemongers. Can we expect the same from Pakistan?
Raj Hindupur
Sep 03, 2012 09:43am
Hate hurts more to the initiater than anybody else as is being proved in Pakistan. The spread of hate is burning Pakistan.
Nazli Siddiqui
Sep 04, 2012 05:23am
this hatred poured into young minds is coming back to haunt Pakistan
Sep 03, 2012 05:10pm
In Addition to this, Muslim go to mosques freely in India, whereas in our Islamic Republic, if we go to an unguarded mosque, it is highly likely to be attacked by a suicide bomber
Komal S
Sep 04, 2012 05:24am
You should be kidding. Are you saying Indians in the USA do not visit Pakistani shops because they are prejudiced. Look in india unlike Pakistan, we live everyday of our life mingling with Christians and Muslims in different walks of our life. Our teachers could be muslims/Christians, colleagues at work could be muslims/christians. We have national holidays for Muslims/Christians festivals. Most of us would have visited a mosque/church atleast once in our life. In fact there are lots of spiritual places(primarily sufi shrines) and also christian places of worship where Hindus frequent.
Sep 03, 2012 06:30pm
What about hate by BJP, RSS? What about Babri masjid, Gujrat, Bombay?
Sep 03, 2012 11:39am
So you mean in our books of history it should say. In 1947 all migrated to Pakistan safe and sound and that east India company did wonderful job for the indian and muslim society in that era!! What in your opinion be included in our curricula????
alien brahmin
Sep 06, 2012 10:27am
before soul earching your should search for such materials in indian school's curriculum . will you ?
Sep 04, 2012 05:53pm
Please continue to be in denial. Please compare India's standing in the world with that of Pakistan.. Many Pakistans when abroad introduce themselves as Indians to get acceptability and respect..
Sep 03, 2012 01:53pm
Hate is excellent diet for proper development of the next generation of jihadis. When they grow up these children will spread the message of Islam through instruments such as guns and bombs. They will also uphold the Blasphemy Law in all its glory. According to Pews Survey, 80% of Pakistanis want the country to be run strictly as per Quran. And I find Muslims always desperate to prove the superiority of Islam over other religions. So, such hate education is only to be expected. 80% Pakistanis will probably like such hate content. The other 20% (like readers of DAWN) must think of migrating to some educated and enlightened society before they also become the subjects of such content.
Sep 04, 2012 02:23pm
In pakistan...everyone is little modi... little kodnani :D
Imran B.
Sep 04, 2012 02:33am
Mr. Sami, Western countries are much more tolerant and open to us from the 'islamic' (peaceful) countries. I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and now in USA. One cannot imagine trying to build a Church or hindu temple in Saudi Arabia. What tolerance are you talking about in our islamic countries? It was the terror brought in by our own in the west, that has created difficulties for muslims living there, such as building Minarets and displaying hijab, etc.
Sep 04, 2012 12:00pm
Every action has a reaction
Dr. Asad Sadick, Germany
Sep 04, 2012 12:15pm
I understand fully your emotions and feelings. You are right in your assessment re the Mullahs, but we all, you included who are educated; tolerant and reasonable, should act without emotions and muster support against these evils. Our present and previous responsible officials of Ministries should have vetted the text books before approving them, if they were interested other than in corruption. We are hopeful that a certain change is in the offing.
Sep 04, 2012 01:31am
Very well said .
Sep 03, 2012 11:13am
Very bad. Our education system fills innocent minds with hatred. The result is we have an intolerant and violent society. Our leaders please wake up and change the curriculum before it is too too late.
Sayyed Mehdi
Sep 03, 2012 10:13am
Anybody who's been through school knows the examples.
Sep 03, 2012 06:22pm
So true. My dad had a Hindu man working for him. When I was in grade 5th or 6th, I asked him that if he knew how to read and write Hindi and when was he planning to go to India? It was totally because of propaganda we would learn on TV or radio. My books didn't have hatred but they did contain distorted historical facts. And then internet came in my life when I grew up. I learnt a lot of nonsense was being fed to us and facts are far from being true what were told to us.
M K Jha
Sep 03, 2012 08:11am
Sep 05, 2012 02:47pm
I never came across any hate content in Indian school books. On the contrary, I found that Muslims are generally treated with kid gloves in official and educational documents. Bollywood generally portrays Muslims as good people. Remember Sher Khan of Zanjeer or Abdul of Shaan.
Sep 05, 2012 01:30pm
Shankar, All my life I have not come accross any hate material in our text books against any religion or even Pakistan. Really proud of Indian education system.
Sue Sturgess
Sep 05, 2012 03:02am
Indeed! Those who teach hate, and learn hate, will quickly become the hated ones.
Vinod Kumar
Sep 03, 2012 01:06pm
The article does not address the fundamental issue -- why do Pakistani text books contain hatred material about other religions and India? If the editors do read these comments -- I would request them to address this issue. Will appreciate a personal response.
Vijay K
Sep 03, 2012 07:29pm
You didn't read the article. It is about Pakistan and not USA.
Shakoor Ahmed
Sep 03, 2012 03:22pm
The Truth. Not Hate
Truth Hurts
Sep 03, 2012 09:22am
I second you.....
Sep 03, 2012 01:23pm
I am from a minority in Pakistan-I do not know exactly what is added in the text books which could cause this debate. History always was written by the winner. Would you believe what has been written against German and Japanese or against Hitler were all based on facts? I am bit surprised by the comments of Mr. Rahul that we know over many years Pakistani books spread hate. I have to meet an Indian fellow worker in USA who has unbiased over the creation of Pakistan. Let me give you an example, in USA, we Muslims and Pakistani shop at a Hindu shop owner and I am a rare witness if it is also a practice of our Indians. Prejudices is a part of our upbringing and it is us who should shun it through our conduct and honest efforts. I certainly agree Pakistan
Sami Khan
Sep 03, 2012 06:58pm
I have a problem with the heading. Textbooks convert the general guidelines given in the curriculum. The room for interpretation has been usurped over the years leading to politically tainted textbooks, a process initiated after 1965 and later exacerbated under Zia ul Haq. But please make sure that the reader is made aware of the difference between curriculum and textbooks: two distinct documents. The hate material is primarily in the textbooks and not curricula... a technical point may be but important for the readers to know.
Sep 03, 2012 02:05pm
Pakistan's current generation is paying the price. No jobs, no electricity, no health care etc..
Sep 04, 2012 01:10am
the article is not about islamic content. It is about hate content. Please don't equate hate with Islam.
Akil Akhtar
Sep 06, 2012 03:44am
Why do you have problems with all your neighbours....India is a common factor in all the trouble in this region..
omer khan shaheen
Sep 03, 2012 04:39pm
How but that content be out in this article so that we all can see and analyze it from all angles.
Sep 03, 2012 05:16pm
there is a difference between hateful speech by bloggers and radio hosts and brain washing our children with hate in schools..
Sep 05, 2012 12:36pm
Why does pakistan need india approval.
Sep 03, 2012 07:58am
Now a days pak is reaping its benifits.someone has rightly said "children fed with false spread violence" .
Sep 03, 2012 08:01am
Oh Please, for sake of Humanity if not God ...what the hell do they want this country to change into?
Pavas Ambashta
Sep 04, 2012 08:47am
I cordially invite you to India to find out hate based on castism in any significant portion of Indian population..
Sam Jesus
Sep 05, 2012 10:37pm
Dear Doctor Raina, Have you spoken to buddhist in Srilanka and know what do they say about great leaders of Hindustan?
Shankar Bandyopadhay
Sep 03, 2012 11:03am
Making ready the next generation :-)
Sep 03, 2012 05:43pm
What a typical, baseless rationalization! There are obvious differences between state-sponsored hate spewing education vs opinions expressed by (extreme) individuals in the general population of democratic countries. Pakistanis simply do not introspect about their problems - it is so much easier to seek refuge in self seving rationalization. Tragic consequenes.....
dr vimal raina
Sep 05, 2012 06:18am
The literacy rate is dismal with people who wrote those books in the first place.
dr vimal raina
Sep 05, 2012 06:15am
Sir, you do not know what you are saying. Maybe you do and so the whole exercise is not to have people like you who believe bin qasim was a great ruler or maybe a freedom fighter.
Sep 04, 2012 09:03am
u'll are all hypocrites. if u'll hate the jews christian and hindu's so much why do u'll want to migrate and go to western countries to live. why do u'll watch western movies and wwear western clothing. pakistani watch more hindi movies than their own pakistani movies. is this the double standards u'll have. say one thing and do something else. the molvi's are the first ones to go to the west. its a good thing they are blacklisted. this is why the west hates u'll muslims u'll are the cause. u'll are causing hatred. A very angry christian.
Fida Sayani
Sep 03, 2012 04:51pm
I concur
Sep 05, 2012 07:37am
The seeds were sown then, the fruits appear now...
Fida Sayani
Sep 03, 2012 04:55pm
such remarks will not bring indo-pak frienship. look into your major problem, 400 million indian get one meal a day.
Mustafa Razavi
Sep 03, 2012 04:57pm
So much hate from across the border. Their caste system is all based on love.
Scientific Malang
Sep 03, 2012 11:10am
you have to provide an example or atleast some images of that paras or text to strengthen your given opinion.
Mustafa Razavi
Sep 03, 2012 04:55pm
Arun; So, how is Aurangzeb mentioned in your text books? Let us say vis-a-vis another conqueror like Ashoka. What have you told your children about what happened in Gujarat ten years ago or what happened to the Babri Masjid 20 years ago? Tumhain lay day ke sari dastan mea yaad hai itna Keh Aurangzeb Hindu Kush tha zalim tha sitamgar tha
Sep 03, 2012 04:56pm
very well said! just search any news item on yahoo about the muslim and islam and go through the comments and you will witness the poison. Go through the history books taught in India for years and you will see how the history is twisted. And don't go far, go through the majority comments from neigbours on any Dawn item and witness the truth.Hate is a two way phenomenon and eradication can only work same way.This article seems to be a part of fifth column campaign.
Gerry D'Cunha
Sep 03, 2012 03:45pm
hate materials in schools to the young generation in pakistan will also tarnish the image of islam - this should be stopped or else the next generation would be worst than today's pakistan.
Sep 06, 2012 04:27pm
There are two historical facts that are the cause of this hate content. (a) Most Muslims realise that their ancestors were Hindus., (b) Pakistan was carved out of a Hindu majority undivided India. Due to both these historical facts, Muslims have a subconscious desire to prove these two decision of their ancestors right (i.e., converting to Islam and creating Pakistan on religious grounds). Unfortunately centuries after embracing Islam Muslims find themselves nowhere in relation to Hindus with respect to their standing in the world. Also 65 years after partition, India, with all its shortcomings is emerging as an economic superpower while Pakistan is the breeding ground of world terrorism. Thus,to bolster their self esteem, Pakistanis try to put down India and Hindus in any way possible. Teaching children to hate Hindus is the easiest way out for them.
Sep 03, 2012 11:35am
You are right as most of the job of hating others is done at home by parents, the society, politicians, radio and TV programmes. Hatred for others is a constant that has brought this mess to Pakistan.
Sep 03, 2012 05:42pm
mr azhar the people off syria and libya never think about pakistani people why u so eager about them u just take care of your own country we take care our country
Sep 03, 2012 05:38pm
o yes! they are indeed. we should talk about all the perceution that are taking place in the world. is to the muslim or is it by muslim. lets talk peace!!! why? bcos muslims are not ruthless people, but peaceful......so peace to all.
Sep 03, 2012 04:39pm
Land of the Pure...Hate?
Sep 03, 2012 11:09am
Could somebody please narrate few lines from any of these text books that can fan hatred?
Sep 03, 2012 05:32pm
yes, but now a days every one hats hitler, some day people will say lets not hate him anymore. we need a standard to follow....and we don't have one. hate is part of human nature. no one in the world say that they do not have hate in them. i say stop all NGOs
humayun Faiz
Sep 03, 2012 04:42pm
listen guys! writer has clearly mentioned the chapters and corse name as well. if someone want to look it , it is present in the text books present in almost all the homes . it is in fact a journalistic manner to give only the references not to quote the exact lines and verses. writer put the references in a pretty explaned way.
Sep 03, 2012 05:20pm
There is difference between "state sponsored" and "private"
Sep 04, 2012 05:03pm
Yes indeed you are very angry christian. When you get angry you lose your composure and logic. The article is a conclusion of some kind of research. It does not give examples of what is being taught is not appropriate. The problem is that it is easy to cricise but it is very difficult to give feedback for a change or improvment.
Sep 03, 2012 08:10am
It would be good if author has given some examples of such material.
Sep 03, 2012 04:01pm
How is it possible to have an intolerant and violent society, when all are practising Islam, a religion of peace? This is all a conspiracy to defame Islam and the muslims of Pakistan. Why don't we talk about the hate and indoctrination of the west against all muslims, like not allowing us to pray, banning the hijab, not allowing minarets etc. what about the hate by hindus in gujrat? What about Jewish students taught to hate and kill palestine muslims? What about the hate of buddhists in Burma?
Sep 03, 2012 03:33pm
Such hate material if allowed to continue will close the door of friendship with India for ever.
Sep 04, 2012 08:35pm
Pakistan is a Islamic state . It likes to follow Quranic teaching to the core and thereby people of Pakistan have no say in this. Free will is not permitted in Islamic way of Life.
Sep 04, 2012 09:34pm
You're spot on. However growing up I never encountered any anti pakistani or anti minority material in my text books. The treatment of Muslim figures in pre partition india such as Maulana Azad, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and Mr. Jinnah was also unbiased and pretty factual.
Sep 03, 2012 01:51pm
Lage raho Pakistani Bhai and Bahen!!! People of Pakistan are in "Tandrawastha" of Mugal Glory and don't want to wake them up. They thinks that one day Prophet Mohammad will come and rescue them from all this mess till then they have to wait. What to say about a community who are more worried about securing good life after death rather then conquering present day to day misery. No Hope for Pakistan and It's people.
El Cid
Sep 03, 2012 01:06pm
Ahmed Sultan (India)
Sep 04, 2012 10:53am
yes. Indians will die as victims
Sep 04, 2012 03:08am
Bill, Its not the preachers that the article is about, its the textbooks that are being used in schools while distorting the facts for rhe up coming generation. Now if you want to compare our mullas and molvies with the American preachers then its a diffrent story.Cant compare apples with oranges. More over we should look at our values and should not compare with what other country does.
Sep 03, 2012 08:15am
Nothing hew. We have known this for decades.
Sep 04, 2012 02:07am
azhar, from the way u r justifying the text contents, i doubt u r from a minority community. the whole argument from you seems to justify eye for an eye (claiming other crimes to justify ur crime!). If bad happens other places doesnt justify u r entitled to do bad. Anywhere r anytime, bad is bad. the above article clearly gives references to the text portion that has hate contents and still u r trying to justify with worldly issue. u r kind of ppl will definitely doesn't help resolve any issues and get suppressed further!
Sep 05, 2012 08:54am
there is only mention of " hate material" which is rather a generic statement. when u say " hate material" ? is it some text written by some human? who is the author of that hate material and what is it exactly?
Sep 04, 2012 02:02am
Bravo Bill! Thanks for telling it like it really is. The type and class of our so called reformist platforms and organisations are pathetically way below standards...
Sep 04, 2012 03:41am
Unfortunately, Humanity was the first casualty in this nation of huge potential. You need to ask your establishment where they want this nation to go?
Amit Singh
Sep 04, 2012 10:49am
Mam views expressed on a blog or social media are of few individuals who have extreme views and I don think majority of Indians think anything bad about Pakistan and please don bring Islam here because we have over 180 million followers of Islam though they have faced some difficulties but still we have tried hard to protect their right of religious freedom and I also accept that their have been some lapses which we need to plug but I will also like to say that we should have a pragmatic and sanguine approach...
Sep 04, 2012 03:37am
Author is just discussing a report and he or she does mention the commision and the various expert who analysed the study. Its not a research paper or his thesis. its just short article and a report. Examples would have disturbed our non muslim citizens who are really our brothers and sisters with a diffrent belief.
Sep 04, 2012 08:38am
Shankar If you married and have kids just go through the primary book their is nothing against this kind.
Sep 04, 2012 03:16am
As you sow, so you reap
Sep 04, 2012 03:23am
why do you need the example in the news paper? go and find on your own.. try to use your own mind as well... The current society depicts the truth where there is hate every where....GOD forgive us as we have forgotten the true teachings of Islam which is love and peace only.....Love for All, Hatred for None
Sep 04, 2012 04:54am
Rightly pointed out
Sep 04, 2012 04:54am
We Indians should also do soul-searching to see if we have any hate material in our school curriculum. Removing such hate material, from both countries, should be done on a priority basis in the interest of long term friendship between the countries. Instead of spreading hate over hate material, let us do something to rectify matters. About Partition, riots, Kashmir, Bangladesh and other issues we should present both points of view in our school books so that the children understand the complexity of the issues involved and the tragedy strife and war can wreak on the population.
Sep 03, 2012 01:36pm
Nicely written article
Sep 04, 2012 02:58am
Bill, I agree. Right-wing christian preachers and many hindu bloggers spew hatred against Islam and Pakistan. However, we are talking about public education. My two sons went through public education in America. There are no hate materials in terms religion or ethnicity though there is ideological slant towards a particular political philosophy. In India, you can read through high school history without ever knowing that muslim invaders and rulers destroyed no less than 70 prominent hindu temples. This is one of the gripes of BJP. BTW, my grandfather was evicted out of Bangladesh during partition. At that time, Bangladesh (East Pakistan) had around 25% hindus. Today, they are less than 10%. On the other hand, West Bengal also had around 25% muslim population around that time. Today it has more than 25% muslum population.
alien brahmin
Sep 06, 2012 10:23am
More muslims are killed in pakistan than india . do u think killings of muslims by muslims is justified ? leave modi as he is from india .......think of your own people who are killings hindus , sikhs , christians and even ahmadia and shia muslims , and none are punished so far , no case registered against them . anyone who raised voice againt them are killed . modi is atleast facing court cases , what about those who are indulged in killings minorities , shias and ahmadia muslims ? And how many pakistanis ever speaks against the killings of thousands of hindus is kahsmir ?
Sep 04, 2012 02:38am
In schools the cirriculum shold focus on building capability in Mathematics, Science, Reading & Writing instead of controvertial teachings. Schools should focus on building leadership throiugh games like cricket, hockey, soccer. Schools should encougage students to build puzzles, play games like chess & bridge and read stories because such activites inculcate creative thinking, build imagniation. Entire life is all about reading & writing, not just books. Schools should teach students Quran & life of the prophet (peace of Allah be upon him) instead of history which may not be accurate. This will make them understand the purpose of life is worship Allah in the wider sense of the word, not merely rituals, rituals are means to an end, and that ultimate vison of life is jannah With this kind of traning, students will learn to value life, lead a positive life, lead the world by their example, not empty words.
Mohammad Ali Khan
Sep 04, 2012 02:52am
Unless we are ready to see that some of our beliefs are simply wrong and believing in them closes our mind to see the truth.We will get deeper into darkness and destruction.
Sep 04, 2012 04:18am
Mr. Bill don't compare textbook hate material with blog and christian preachers or muslim preachers. Textbooks affect and poisions the youg chilrens permanently as they have to read the text books, no choice for them. Thus whle society is affected by it.
Sep 04, 2012 04:13am
what is wrong with this content. dont you know who is dictating text contents of books of East Pakistani, Who stopped mayanmar Muslims not to enter Banladesh?? Secondly thats absolutely true, Hindus and Jews can not be your friends ever. You can have good relationships with Christians , offcourse a biopsy affectation prevails atleast with them. So all you mark in your examples is just non sense.
Sep 04, 2012 03:22am
Private citizens will continue to peddle hate and intolerance and there is nothing you can do about it in a free, democratic society. What is objectionable is the government authorities giving vent to their prejudices and influencing children in schools. There is a big difference between the two. I would like the person above to show me one example of an Indian or an American school textbook which peddles hate against minorities in their respective societies.
Akil Akhtar
Sep 04, 2012 04:53am
What friendship, LOL
Akil Akhtar
Sep 04, 2012 04:51am
Correct. Sadly many Pakistanis seem to have sold themselves to the highest bidder.
Akil Akhtar
Sep 04, 2012 04:49am
Or factually correct..... we see the reality of hatred for Islam and Pakistan from across the border daily but some of us like to keep our eyes and ears shut.
Sep 03, 2012 10:45pm
as you sow , so shall you reap. nc usa
Sep 04, 2012 01:45pm
i hope in the garb of eliminating hate from our text books an becoming enlightened ones, we will not brand mohammad bin qasim as a usurper and plunderer while raja dahir to be a freedom fighter. I smell a rat to be honest by a continuous trend of secular articles in the media. They dont know what they are doing.
Sep 04, 2012 04:27am
why enlightened societies are declaring Islamic educations and Islamic values more weightage to control their so-called liberal societies? why they are repenting over freedom of woman? why are they trying to hold them in house to keep them away from dis-organized society? Surveys have proven Quranic and Islamic valued societies have less crimes. So dear you need to read Internationale glop surveys and Washington times articles.
Sep 04, 2012 04:27am
actually BIll they are talking about hate in school curricula not hate spread by preachers or media.you see Bill you dont find hate easily in the western or other countries school curicula.
Sep 03, 2012 06:09pm
I am stunned to read about the distortion of facts about Hindus,christians and Sikhs in the text books.shame on those who designed these text books.If these people believe in what they have wriiten they should be humiliated publically and imprisoned.I have studied in the the Indian schools and history was taught as it was written in these text books before partition of the Indian subcontinent with zero changes with the partition situation.My Pakistani friends,please rise above the differences and make friends and not enemies..
Muhammad Asif
Sep 04, 2012 06:34am
very well analysed.
Muhammad Asif
Sep 04, 2012 06:41am
May be, the editor didn't allow the writer to spread the hate content through citing any examples.
JP Singh
Sep 04, 2012 06:31am
Well nothing of this kind is going to hurt India. Its going to hurt Pakistan itself, and it is happening in Pakistan for everyone to see. Its a wake up call for Pakistan.
Sep 03, 2012 01:22pm
ah come on, now they want us to chabge our curricula again, it should be more islamic if u ask me. why dont pakistani official go western countries and tell them that their curricula is too extreem, just try and they will show you ur place.
Sep 04, 2012 05:57pm
Nadeem bhai how many Pakistani has an oppurtunity like you got to get out of the mess. The problem is if you instigate hate in the mind of primary school kids then it remains on their mind forever and in their youth it would be very difficult for them to come out of that delima. Time ie running out for Pakistan. It is said that every four years generations changes. So atlest you need 4 to five generation to wipe out any scar on their mind.
Amit Singh
Sep 04, 2012 10:35am
Buddy no system is perfect and Pakistan has failed to preserve the rights of minority because the establishment has embedded hate in the DNA of young minds I as an Indian don't hate any one if I don't love some one
Meraj shahab
Sep 04, 2012 11:43am
It is wrong to blame madarsa people for ills of Pakistan. Most of the Muslim countries and specially Pakistan has been and is being ruled by College educated mostly non religious people. They should be blamed for all the ills of Pakistan. The religious educated people are in power only in Iran, Lebanon and in Afghanistan and lately in Egypt and only they are successfully spear heading the fight against Imperialism and are gaining respect.
Abdul Haleem
Sep 04, 2012 05:38am
This is very alarming news that our innocent minds are being nurtured with hatred material even in public schools.......! what, Still we are living in stone ages when the world has been the global village and the hatred seed is being sowed .
Dr. Asad Sadick
Sep 06, 2012 12:12pm
We seem to have a India complex. Do we need to compare ourselves with India all the time. We should rather look at ourselves and be able to decide what is right or wrong for us. But it seems we are all Bonkers.
Naresh Sharma
Sep 04, 2012 08:31am
Dear Mustafa .. Our Cast System is almost over and It will be completely End by 2020.... But what have you done in last 65 Years of Independence.. Kindly do Mention????
Deepen C
Sep 04, 2012 09:57am
Thank god the literacy rate is dismal!
Sep 04, 2012 09:57am
Well, you can see what happens in Pakistan everyday. Its the product of this hate that the nation has for all neighbouring nations.
Sep 03, 2012 11:00pm
Exactly... Why Not ?
Sep 04, 2012 07:34am
Excellent comment
Mustafa Razavi
Sep 04, 2012 07:32am
Amazing that Pakistan teaches all the hate and yet this country still never produced a Narindera Modi or Dr. Mayaben Kodnani, Modi's minister of women and child welfare openly defended burning alive of Muslim infants.
Muhammad Yaqub
Sep 04, 2012 08:08am
What you sow, So shall you reap !
Sep 04, 2012 01:36pm
Dear Mr Ali, I am an Indian and I still agree with you when you say that we do have problems with neighboring countries. But we are straight forward and put the issues on table and resolve with them. That's simply the reason why all of them respect us and have good relations with us. In India, you'll never find a text book that has a word against any religion or any other country, including Pakistan!
Pavas Ambashta
Sep 04, 2012 08:43am
An example of these material indeed could be helpful..For people like me,can not access these text books some short examples or weblink could be very informative in this regard..
Sep 03, 2012 08:27pm
AAPKI HATE YA DUSHMANI SE HUME KUCHH FARK NAHI PADTA PAR Duniya se ijjat pani hai to duniya ki ijjat karni chahiye, bharosa pana hai to bharosa bhi karna chahiye, pyar pana hai to pyar dena chahiye. mere mulk ne isake liye apni culture, majhab sab kuchh daav pe laga diya. ab duniya humari respect karti hai. azadi KE 65 saslo baad duniyabhar me jo ijjat payi hai yahi hamari poonji hai . aap hume dushman mante hoge par ek baat hamesha dhyan me rakhani chahiye ki dushman bhi insaan hota hai,usame bhi kai goon hote hai, kuch free me sikhne ko mile to sikhna chahiye. SECULARISM BHI ISIMESE EK HAI" .
Sep 05, 2012 05:57pm
what we see on Dawn is nothing. Visit Hindustan Times and you will see their real face. I am sure all Indians exactly know what i mean. I am yet to see a post by a Pakistani using a entirely abusive word for "India". By contrast they are free to use the worst possible phrases without any check. More enlightened Pakistanis should take out the time to have a close look across the fence.
Sep 04, 2012 01:34pm
There lies the rub. As imperfect as it may be, people like Narendra Modi are voted in or out b the people. The rule of law, however slow, sends culprits like Mayaben to jail. Please tell me howm any of these bigots, mini Modis and Kodnanis that roam around Pakistan are taken to court and eventually jailed. Answer is simple: Zero.
Pavas Ambashta
Sep 04, 2012 08:39am
Well said bro..
Kashif Chohan
Sep 04, 2012 10:08am
It started in 1976 with Islamic studies becoming mandatory for everyone, whole Pakistan knows about it accept people living in denial, it is not a matter of proving it is a matter of acceptance and correction. This article is not point to what is potential problem for future, it is pointing out cause of existing hatred against minorities living in Pakistan.
Sep 03, 2012 09:44am
I doubt that would have been useful...readers would have been fighting about the perceived rights and wrongs of the content, instead of focussing on the fact that minds of yet another generation of youth in Pakistan has already been poisoned.
Sep 03, 2012 10:21pm
Bravo to Dawn for acknowledging that.. Dawn has initiated laudable efforts to awaken its citizens against systemic " fundamentalization" of Pak public by extremist forces .Best of luck..
Allaisa Xuver
Sep 03, 2012 04:05pm
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.
Nasser Ali Khan
Sep 03, 2012 11:26pm
Worthless piece of writing - not because it is necessarily incorrect; it is because no examples given of what the writer is referring to. Mention of specific texts in specific chapters or page number of specific books would have proved what the writer is saying is true or not. Plus, it would have enabled readers to form their own opinion. Very unprofessional when no sources are quoted; and an important matter such as this would just be forgotten; what a shame!
Sep 03, 2012 11:45pm
as if Indian really want friendship....very obvious from the comments by most Indians on Pakistani newpaper forum.
Sep 03, 2012 11:48pm
so will Indians...
Sep 03, 2012 11:52pm
Nice fairy tales....should give it to the Indians for publishing.
Sep 03, 2012 11:57pm
most of offensive comments against Pakistan are from Indians on this forum....then they are blaming us for hatred...everybody can see where the real hatred is > India.
Sep 04, 2012 12:19am
I live in Ft. Collins, CO and have several good friends of Pakistani origin who are all well educated, very nice but had a very negative and wrong opinion of India, Indians, specially Hindu
Sep 04, 2012 12:34am
Bill? Yeah that's your real name,alright. Hilarious.
Kashif Chohan
Sep 04, 2012 10:10am
Please visit urdu Bazar Lahore.
Sep 04, 2012 12:59am
Subject of this article is hate content in government approved & sponsored curriculum in Pakistan. School curriculum in public/government schools in USA does carry any such bias. You should not compare government sponsored bias in Pakistani schools with what a radio show host is saying in his private commercial show.
Sep 04, 2012 07:21am
Azhar, Excellent. You win the heart, thats what i say that only blaming Paksitan is not a justified.
Sep 04, 2012 09:40pm
Sorry if that is the impressive we've been leaving. Digital media knows no boundaries but we're visitors on your site
Sep 03, 2012 11:20am
From article i understand there have been changes snice 2006. Can someone specify what sort of changes there were in curriculum. Please give some specific example.
Upendra Deshpande
Sep 03, 2012 11:21am
Yes please quote some examples of hate material
Akil Akhtar
Sep 04, 2012 11:53pm
Just watch the justification from the indians for killing thousands of Muslims in Gujrat. All the finger pointing at Pakistan for being intolerant is just that they do not practice it themselves.
Sep 03, 2012 04:13pm
Here are some examples ( translated )
Sep 03, 2012 02:50pm
Back in 1983 when I was in 11th grade (college/high school), we had a very religious Urdu professor (with long beard). One day he was raving about Muslim conquerors like Mahmood Ghaznavi. A student raised his hand and asked as to how we are supposed to feel proud of someone like Mahmood Ghaznavi who had attacked India 17 times, destroyed Hindu temples, and took the gold back home, when in fact destruction of other people's places of worship is prohibited in Islam. To this line of questioning, he just simply smiled and said: "beta musalman to hamesha butshikan hota hai" (a muslim is always supposed to the destroyer of idols). So folks, this sort of intolerance was being taught almost 30 years ago. Things have not become any rosier since then.
Akil Akhtar
Sep 04, 2012 11:58pm
Sam Jesus
Sep 05, 2012 10:34pm
Harinder Sahib, What is FREE WILL?......I can not smoke cigarette in front of a Sikh in India, can not slaughter a Cow, can not marry my cousin if I am a hindu or christian.......on and on...and on....I hope you understood what am I trying to say as you seems intelligent person.
Sep 03, 2012 02:48pm
No, the facts should be portrayed in an objective manner. Even in the O-Level books (read by the elite of Pakistan), we learn about Muslims being massacred, killed, raped, tormented during partition. But no where does it say that the Hindus were tormented, raped, killed as well. There are millions of books/sources talking about Muslims burning Hindu villages in the name of 'islam' and Punjabi Sikhs throwing their daughters in wells because they were afraid that the Muslims would rape them. War is never one sided, and our history, along with India's history, is very bloody. Also, there was never any mention of the oppression carried out by Pak army in the 1971 war on the Bangladeshis. 1971 was portrayed as a war with India, not a civil war in which the Pak army danced in tyranny. Also, the Kashmir issue is not one-sided as portrayed in our media/books; the Hindus are also suffering, have always suffered. And these are the just the most basic facts of history that are on every south asian child's fingertips. There is much more to this education of terrorism/extremism. I have seen books in which the alphabet includes P for pistol, and all girl cartoon pictures in the book wearing homogeneous headscarves. Children internalize all these little things.
Sep 04, 2012 02:20pm
very well spoken...the choice for most muslims is between militantly secular despots and dictators or narrow minded fanatics who have a very rigid view of islam...however the brotherhood is quite in the middle..and the need of the hour...
Sep 05, 2012 07:35am
So it is all made up and not cause for concern?
Sep 04, 2012 11:38pm
You are correct Ahmed. I left Pakistan in 1973, and during those times the level of ignorance and hatred towards hindus, christians and sikhs, not to mention various muslim sects, was nowhere near what it has been whipped up to be now.
Sep 04, 2012 11:35pm
On the bright side, the country is only 46% literate.
Sep 03, 2012 12:50pm
parents of pakistani children better wake up immediately and correct this problem. otherwise they will lose another generation of pakistanis to the jihadi terrorism!
Sep 05, 2012 09:39pm
One act of killings does not justify other killings.
Akil Akhtar
Sep 04, 2012 11:55pm
Then why did Shabana Azmi and other Muslim actors say they were discriminated in Bombay and not allowed to buy property.....
Sep 03, 2012 01:01pm
NFP wrote about this issue a few months ago andf there were many images taken from text books. You may serach Dawn archives.
Farooq Shah
Sep 03, 2012 03:38pm
A common thought induced in our children is when we say 'enemy' its India, when we speak of India its always related with Hinduism. The fact is there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan, not one has ever complained of the system or the government in last 65years, on the contrary one after another Hindu family in Pakistan are leaving for India to find safe and secure living. Where are we actually heading to? anyone's guess?
Sep 03, 2012 07:57pm
Two wrongs don't make a right.
Sep 03, 2012 08:03pm
Truthful history is important to improve ones future and also understand what was important and why certain things were done a certain way. Not everything taught in pakistan is wrong neither is everyone who is saying something against pakistan correct. I also believe it is important at times to do a detailed research onesself. If there are confusions go to different sources and try finding out how much of what is true, what was the political situation of that area at that time and why is one specific person given this status in history books whereas others are not given the same. This i believe goes for everyone in every country. Following the present trend of thoughts is not always wise.
Sep 04, 2012 01:49pm
rewrite the whole text books of india and pakistan.and teach the truth about the the partition of the sub continent.it was the congress that wanted partition and it was mr. jinnah who was against it, but accepted it as the second best, again it was india that dismembered pakistan; because india never recognized the sovereign independent existence of pakistan.
Muhammad Saim
Sep 04, 2012 01:42pm
"This artilce has no substance" have u ever looked at the Pakistan studies text books? Any Pakistani who has read them will understand that hate material is there if try to pay attention to the material present. Words like "evil hindu mentality" and phrases like "hindu places of worship were dark and small" are more than enough to prove this point. Hindus and christians r a part of our society too, nobody cares about their feelings.
Salman Balouch
Sep 03, 2012 10:02am
needed examples
Pavas Ambashta
Sep 03, 2012 10:31am
exactly!! Even I was expecting some examples from there "text books"..It could help in better understanding of the real situation..
Sep 04, 2012 11:01am
Please rectify your self, its india who has problem with al ofl its neighouring nations Pakistan, china, Bangladesh, Sirilanka. Apart from india pakistan is friendly to all of its neighbours. I have seen indian channels, and movies beleive me they are full of hate contents lot more then pakistani media and text books. Point is we are atleast pointing out the negative things in our society and indians are not....
Sep 03, 2012 07:37pm
why no example of this supposed "hate content?"
taranveer singh
Sep 03, 2012 07:20pm
I never read anything against any religion atleast in textbook in India. if gauri or gazhnavi or babar attacking india can be heros than why USA attacking iraq is a villain. if any Islamic country could be as powerful as USA is it might had attacked many countries and started forceful conversion.
Sep 03, 2012 04:28pm
amen brother
Naveen Kumar
Sep 03, 2012 11:48am
As they say , Catch them young . Heavy dose of religion keeps the young minds focussed on witch hunting what little Hindus and Christians Pakistan is left with ;as if that would remove all the economic hardship of their country. Anyway ,my heart goes out for the moderates , Shias , ahmedis , Hindus and Christians of Pakistan . The odds are stacked heavily against you people but one should never lose hope.
Sep 03, 2012 11:51am
Institution of hate!
Sep 03, 2012 07:48pm
Pakistan will prosper only when they think forward instead of reverse. Muslims use "Insha Alla " for every thing., and now it looks like even God is not willing for Pakistan
Sep 03, 2012 04:25pm
You are righ,t Ahmed. To you, your rightful duty is to convert all Kafirs to the faith and then go to heaven. Right! These cheated people will only learn only cheat and hate which you have given to them throught forced conversion. Pakistan really facing the curse of all those forcefully converted. Moreover beauty of living in different faiths cannot be understood by you who just know that what you believe in is only truth.Moreover can a religion promote on a cheat and forced conversion? Can a lie be a base of a religion? Can a torture or discrimination can be a ticket to haven for someone? if answer is yes, you should keep on believing on your theory!
Sep 04, 2012 04:52pm
Yeh arrest under what Law. It's upto the Ministry of Education to censor all such corriculum which is offensive and likely to promote hatred amongst all Pakistanis irrespective of their religion/faith/ethnicity and include material that promote tolerence, harmony and co-existence. Not a bad suggestion, is it?
Shahzad Siddiqi
Sep 03, 2012 10:07am
open your children's pakistan studies and urdu books ... I have been taught such madness and it has to stop.
Sep 05, 2012 02:42am
God sent his messengers( Prophets) who brought religions to create love and harmony among mankind. But unfortunately our so called " RELIGIOUS LEADERS" are doing exactly the opposite.My dear " a very angry christian friend" don't be so angry we are with you . ALL NORMAL MUSLIMS.
humayun Faiz
Sep 03, 2012 12:39pm
its authentic and valid . writer has beautifuly highlight the issue. text book should be free from hatered material. on contrary the textbooks should e used to expand the inter faith harmony
Sep 03, 2012 04:27pm
Hindus and Muslims are all one human being. Let us teach love and freedom.
Sep 03, 2012 03:55pm
This article has no substance. You want to know about hate go hear what American Christian preachers and right wing radio hosts say about Islam or the comments Indians put on blogs about Pakistan and Islam. This so National Commission for Justice and Peace is nothing but a NGO pandering to the West and trying to make some money off them.
Sep 03, 2012 06:31pm
I can understand why this is so in Punjab but Sind I can not. What has been PPP doing for over 4 years?
Agha Ata
Sep 03, 2012 09:10pm
.Even 4% of students going to madrassahs are not less dangerous.. Just imagine 4 people becoming suicide bombers.
Amit Singh
Sep 04, 2012 11:00am
yeah we do want friendship and if you are mistaken by views expressed by few Zealots but sadly that's not the reality and people like us who have access to Internet and other media should have a sanguine approach my friend
Sep 05, 2012 03:47pm
Nothing wrong with watching Indian movies Azhar or adopting good things from other cultures, that is the sign of being progressive. Lets not be so defensive and rigid, Why is the west so advanced because they adopted many idea from other cultures. The point is many Pakistanis including me but not all, would love to migrate to western countries for better life if given the chance. Lets adopt good ideas and value from other cultures
Sep 03, 2012 09:29pm
Azhar - You have totally confused the issue......propaganda, human insecurity/intolerance, Iraq, Quran burning by one priest...If you are a minority, you are a sadist.you cannot solve an issue if you generalise it to this extent.
Agha Ata
Sep 04, 2012 01:03pm
Small streams lead to rivers. Arrest the writer and then follow the lead and arrest the real culprits who are provoking public to kill.
Christ John
Sep 04, 2012 01:06pm
Hindu minority of Pakistan do not burn your train carrying Muslim pilgrims or engage in riots.Our Muslim minority is very violent and burnt the train carrying dalit pilgrims.This is not the first time.