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ISLAMABAD, Sept 1: The Planning Commission has released Rs2.46 billion for the construction of two units of Chashma nuclear power plant under the federal Public Sector Development Programme for 2012-13, it was officially learnt here on Saturday.

The two units having capacity of 325MW each will become operational in 2016.

The Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) has granted construction licences to Chashma nuclear power unit-3 and -4, and the construction of these two units was in progress under regulatory insight of PNRA.

The two projects are being carried out by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. PNRA reviewed the site evaluation reports on C-3 and C-4 and registered them in 2011.

All nuclear installations in the country are regulated by PNRA.

The regulatory processes ensure that PNRA oversees the facilities’ compliance with regulatory requirements, licence conditions and approved documents throughout their lives.

At present, there are five operational nuclear installations in the country, including three nuclear power plants, namely, Karachi nuclear power plant, Unit-1, Chashma nuclear power plant, unit-1, and Chashma nuclear power plant, unit-2.

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