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Pre-paid sims issued on bogus NICs

THIS is regarding the news on the government’s plan to block pre-paid sims issued on bogus national identity cards.

I would like to point out that many women face serious problems when they receive lewd messages from sims with fake accounts that are not traceable.

This is akin to social harassment. As there is no evidence to find out who is involved in such activities, it remains inapprehensible.

The heavy income from telecom companies should not be at the cost of social and ethical values. Therefore, the step by the government, if sims issued on bogus national identity cards are successfully blocked, will be a welcome one.

HASSAN MIRANI Khairpur Mir’s


THIS is apropos of your editorial ‘Banning prepaid service’ (Aug 24). I concur with the disadvantages of banning prepaid service, as you mentioned in the editorial.

However, this doesn’t mean that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of banning the prepaid service. While there are many disadvantages, the advantages of banning still are more significant and important for overall improvement of society.

Not only will it help in curtailing terrorism, it will also have a positive effect on eradication of social evils from our society.

For instance, our students, who now waste a lot of time messaging for fun, will have more time to concentrate on their studies. Even though it might put agencies in a bit of trouble, it will be more disadvantageous for terrorists.

Furthermore, agencies can easily arrange for their personnel to have post-paid connections, which will put agencies in an even better position against terrorists. So, if Rehman Malik somehow manages to pull it off, it would be his greatest achievement.


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