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New provinces

A ROWDY Punjab Assembly adopted two resolutions on Wednesday — one rejecting the two day-old Parliamentary Commission on the Creation of New Provinces and the other calling for the creation of Potohar province. Instead of a consensus, both the resolutions were adopted by a simple majority amid commotion: the ‘honourable’ male members calling names and scuffling and the women slapping one another. Shaukat Basra of southern Punjab even threatened to launch an armed struggle for a separate province.

…In a recent instance, the ruling PML-N adopted a resolution to create [many] provinces out of Punjab. A day before, statements were being issued that instead of focusing on Punjab, new provinces should be created all over the country.… However, the PML-N, on the following day, distributed sweets after adopting a resolution proposing the division of Punjab into three provinces. In order to exploit the foolish move, the PPP apparently took the resolution seriously. …Now the PML-N has adopted a resolution in the provincial assembly for the creation of Potohar province.… It is beyond comprehension: what sort of a provincial assembly is it that it has adopted a resolution against itself. It seems that the [provincial assembly] members have lost their senses and the division of Punjab is nothing but a joke for them. …— (Aug 30)

Selected and translated by Zaheer Mahmood Siddiqui.

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