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Aamir Khan – File photo by Reuters
Aamir Khan – File photo by Reuters

Indian actor Aamir Khan has become the third Bollywood star to feature on the cover page of Time magazine after making it to the September 10 2012 Asia edition’s cover.

Khan’s photo, along with the caption “Khan’s Quest,” appears as the magazine highlights the Bollywood actor’s popular television show “Satyamev Jayate.”

The 13-episode show became hugely popular in India and also attracted audiences across the world as Khan discussed and covered sensitive social issues plaguing the country.

The show’s popularity also spread to social networking websites, as the star evoked a range of emotions as he dealt with the sensitive topics.

Khan becomes the third Indian film personality to feature on the magazine’s cover after Aishwarya Rai Bachachn (2003) and Parveen Babi (1976).

— By arrangement with the Times of India

Comments (36) Closed

Truth Hurts Sep 03, 2012 07:11am
His (Amir Khan) quote
Gangez Khan Sep 03, 2012 11:10am
Bob you hit the bulls eye, all people are one.
SKYlark Aug 31, 2012 04:24pm
AMIR is one of the finest actor. wonderful humanbeing ,deeply dedicated to social causes that no other person has ever done it. His each movie is a imprimateur of his excellence art work. when he tells a story he gives in abundance for the country. If india has produced few finest jewels in movie industires ,he is one of them.
faz Sep 02, 2012 08:27pm
By taking million of rupees for the show ,can he stand same corner Edhi Sahib no , commercial world.
wigi Sep 03, 2012 09:38am
wonderful !!!
Guru Sep 02, 2012 02:24am
I am Proud of Aamir Khan..a true Indian..
Veera Sep 02, 2012 07:21am
hope Amir' effort helps the poor and the common man.
VM Sep 02, 2012 07:18am
Great work Aamir.
Hassan Parvez Sep 03, 2012 06:50pm
I feel sorry for people like you. You will not hesitate to denounce any good deed by an Indian, no matter what benefit it is bringing to the society. Nobody in the world can denies the exceptional work by Mr. Edhi who is tirelessly helping the nation totally ignored by its rulers. What Amir Khan is doing is bringing awareness to the people of India and Pakistan of their sick societies. Please watch some episodes of "Satyamev Jayate" and I am sure if you have any intelligence at all, you will never make such comments
ahmed Sep 01, 2012 10:26pm
sharukh khan is third and amir khan is fourth , pl z correct Ur stats
Raja Sep 02, 2012 09:17am
Kanwaljeet i appreciate your comments and fully agree with you. He is really a great man
Kanwaljeet Sep 01, 2012 03:15am
Most important part is he dont rely on controversies to make fame. He relies on his tallent and hard work and is very sincere when it comes to work. He is also very secular in outlook. Only muslim personality who opened admitted that he is first patriotic indian and then a muslim. his quote "Religion is a part of your personal life and not your socio-political life" is highly inspiring.
Ali abbas Aug 31, 2012 07:42pm
And he is equally loved on both sided of the border for his genius.
MAK (usa) Aug 31, 2012 03:08pm
I am not surprised. TIME magazine is running out of'' cover' topics.' Recently on the cover it had a woman breast feeding his 6 year old son. That forced me to cancel subscription .It is now a grocery store tabloid devoid of any 'class'. I hope magazine presented Amir K in a positive way.
Wasi Mohammed Aug 31, 2012 03:40pm
I like one thing about Amir's message on Satyamev Jayete that it all depends on each individual what change one can bring in his/her own attitude which leave's positive impact on other lives too.
AMITABH MAHALDER Aug 31, 2012 01:07pm
he is best actor & social worker, i like his point of view.
Javed Sep 01, 2012 04:00am
can we borrow him to show the mirror to us... Pakistanis as he is doing for India.....please please, we need one Aamir Khan in Pakistan too.
SK Sep 01, 2012 10:20am
He leads by example and a true patriot.
fhuzef Aug 31, 2012 07:40pm
He is much more than an actor. India is privileged to have him.
Maqbool Sep 01, 2012 11:03am
Love you Amir...
Aahmed Sep 01, 2012 05:34am
Agree entirely that great a great contribution that he has made through his program Satyame Jayate.
sja Sep 02, 2012 02:09am
he went to the cover of Time and an editorial with Fareed Zakaria --- the restored Editor in Chief of Time and CNN ----- Not only front page but full cover up.
sja Sep 03, 2012 02:46am
the whole link is Fareed Zakaria is the Editor of Time, Aamir Khan is on the Cover of the Time, Time covers a lot of stories, and sometimes it fails to catch with the real Time for a good coverage. Sorry you cancelled the Time subscription, they will find some more of the same in their cover stories. Fareed restoration upon his apology tells it all --- HOW FAST YOU CAN PATCH UP and be on COVER again.
Syed Sep 02, 2012 01:17pm
syed asif zafar I will be a good sign for muslim indian to show they are also same loveable indian like hundu indian massage from Karachi-Pakistan
BNS Sep 01, 2012 12:53pm
Good effort Aamir Khan.
Darshan Sep 01, 2012 02:42am
thoroughly enjoyed all episodes and very touched. great work
ABC DEF Sep 01, 2012 06:30am
India is blessed to have Aamir Khan, GREAT INDIAN, GREAT MUSLIM.
Bobs Sep 02, 2012 10:04pm
they were always lovable only irritating when they say We want special treatment because we pray differently:)
khan Sep 02, 2012 11:43am
Pakistani actors and actresses should take some lessons from Indian counter parts
nasir Sep 02, 2012 04:29am
please correct the fact, amir khan is fourth perosonality, third was shahrukh khan, he was on cover of Time, in Oct 2004.
Fida Sayani Sep 03, 2012 01:48am
I am an Indian first and Muslim afterwards said Jinnah. This is from Page 154. Secular and Nationalist Jinnah. By Ajeet Jawed.
Masood Sep 03, 2012 06:07am
I have seen his shows and he did great work for humanity.
Mubashir Inayet Sep 01, 2012 03:59pm
He has a wonderful stage presence and a passion for fighting a war against ignorance. We wish him all the best.
Iftikhar Husain Sep 02, 2012 12:13pm
Very well done Amir world needs people like you.
aries Sep 01, 2012 08:05am
India is proud of Aamir Khan.
Alert Sep 03, 2012 02:22am
There is no need to show anything. Muslims have held all levels of society including that of President of India. If anyting is missing, it is the muslim vision to see equality and fairness.