UMERKOT, Aug 29: It rained moderately in and around Umerkot, Tharparkar, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Sanghar on Tuesday night and Wednesday, but desert people describe the rain at the fag end of monsoon season as too little, too late.

People in Umerkot and Tharparkar said the rain at this juncture would not benefit standing crops, grow grass or improve level of water in wells.

According to a grower, monsoon period in Thar begins on July 15 and ends on Sept 15. “But if it rains after mid August it does not help crops.

In the first week of September, weather becomes foggy that affects guar and millet,” he said, adding they were not ready to risk cultivating crops now.

Grower Allah Wasayo Halepoto said that rains were harmful for harvested crops of cotton and chilli in Umerkot and standing crops ready for harvest. It would however help control thrips, mites and jaccid attacks.

District Officer Agriculture Extension Satti Dan said that time for cultivation of millet and guar was over. Millet was grown on 400,000 acres in Tharparkar and Guar on 300,000 acres if it rained on time.

In Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas divisions, it rained on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. According to Chief Meteorologist Mohammad Tausif Alam, it rained in areas of Chhachhro, Nagarparkar, Mithi, Chore, Hyderabad, Badin and Thatta. Chhachhro received 20mm rain on Tuesday and likewise Nagarparkar 10mm, Mithi 12mm, Chore 10mm.

Rain lashed Hyderabad for around 30 minutes and met office recorded it at 13.6mm.

The met official said that the late monsoon current had hit South East region which covered entire Mirpurkhas division and desert part. The system penetrates into lower Sindh region and it would continue for around 24 to 36 hours.

“Monsoon season will be over after Sept 10 so we have chances of late monsoon rains from time to time,” he said. Monsoon started late and it would come to an end a bit late, he added.

Rain accompanied by thunderstorm lashed Mirpurkhas, Sanghar, Khipro, Shahdadpur, Jam Nawaz Ali, Jhol and Hathungo for about half an hour.

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