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According to Rangers' officials, key 'gang-war' suspects were also arrested in Sunday's operation in Karachi's troubled Lyari area.—File Photo

KARACHI: At least 54 suspects were arrested and heavy arms and ammunition was recovered Sunday as Sindh Rangers carried out a search operation ere in different parts of Karachi’s troubled Lyari area, DawnNews reported.

Rangers conducted a targeted operation against suspected target killers, extortionists and other criminals in different areas of Lyari, arrested 54 alleged criminals and recovering weapons including Kalashnikovs, 12-bore pistols, grenades, five kilograms of explosive material, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), and a large quantity of bullets.  At least 27 kg of hashish and over 3000 bottles of liquor were also confiscated.

The operation started in the wee hours of the day in Afshani Street, Nawa Lane, Tezi Road, Rexer Lane, Kalakot, chakiwara, Baghdadi, Niazi Chowk, Aath Chowk and Cheel Chowk areas of Lyari.

The raids were also conducted at gambling dens in the area, a release said.

Suspects arrested Sunday also included alleged criminals involved in local gang wars, said Rangers officials, also including Iqbal Kamrani and ‘Wakeel Chota’, among others.

Residents protest against operation

Meanwhile, several residents of the troubled Lyari area, one of the city’s oldest inhabited areas, gathered together to protest against the operation. The demonstrators burnt tires and blocked roads, calling the operation "unjust", alleging that the Rangers forces had arrested innocent civilians.

However, Rangers personnel soon managed to disperse the crowd of demonstrators.

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