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Cosplay, short for 'costume play', is becoming increasingly popular in China, despite the concerns of parents who complain that it is distracting children from the education. At the four-day 2012 Animation and Comics Fair at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing, cosplay fans arrive dressed as various characters from different anime series.

A cosplayer peeks from her crimson fan. - Photo by AFP

A stylishly dressed cosplayer poses for a photo. - Photo by AFP

A cosplay fan poses in bright red under an umbrella. - Photo by AFP

Cosplay fans representing new (left) and old (right) China pose by a pillar. - Photo by AFP

Two fans pose in front of a billboard. - Photo by AFP

A cosplayer dressed as Pikachu poses with her friend for a picture. - Photo by AFP

A cosplay fan poses in character. - Photo by AFP

A group of cosplayers pose, all dressed as characters from the same anime. - Photo by AFP

Another fan poses stylishly. - Photo by AFP

Two groups of cosplayers pose for their photos. - Photo by AFP

A group of younger fans pose at the festival. - Photo by AFP

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