‘National road to development’

Published Aug 24, 2012 03:21am

THIS is apropos of the article ‘National road to development’ by Kaiser Bengali, (Aug 13). The writer’s sound suggestions regarding absolving the country from dependency doctrine from one or other country, really advocates sustainable approach where our genuine socio-economic and political sovereignty lies. Though, with all countries, we should have long term friendly relations, mutually based on equality and justice.

Simultaneously, we should also focus on strengthening and development of state institutions. Unluckily all major state institutions are suffering from maladies of malpractices and malfunctioning. All governments past and present played havoc with state institutions through imposing their cronies and sub-servant officers.

Simultaneously, since independence, all governments were busy in propagation that country was passing from its most critical periods, conspiracies are being hatched against the country, so, the nation should not unnecessarily question the day of the government for their performance, bound to devise plans and deliver results for the people welfare and development. Same governance pattern is still prevailing. Our political and governance history is full of blame game, such as politico-economic woes and problems are legacies of previous ones, have been transferred to present government, so beat the drum and pass the time!

At international arena, our governance style was of dependency nature, always first in beggars row and was easy to be convinced to do any task for the sake of longing the rule on the cost of state sovereignty and nation.

It’s high time to develop sustainable paradigm and be pragmatic in dealing with state and governance affairs, and all existing energies and sources should be poured in building up state institutions, as well as on human resource development, there lays our salvation of all woes and be a nation of the proud and privileged.

NISAR A. BROHI Nawabshah

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