Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira. — Photo by AFP

LALA MUSA: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that Eidul Fitr is one of the Islamic festivals representing Muslim unity.

Talking to media after meeting with various delegations here at Dera-e-Kaira on Sunday, he expressed the concern that Eid is being made controversial, which destroys its real spirit of Muslim unity and solidarity.

He said that in today's scientific and technological era, we are still entangled in petty matters, citing, “We can give Muslims' solidarity message to the world but through forging unity in our ranks.”

Kaira said when Muslim gala Eidul Fitr is around the corner, the drone attacks are very unfortunate, which will affect the Pakistan's efforts for elimination of the menace of terrorism.

The US and the allied forces have time and again conveyed this matter of great concern but they are not paying any heed to this stance, which will ultimately have damaging effects.

The Federal Information Minister said that Karachi has once again witnessed a wave of violence after peace for a few days, asserting that all the political forces will have to support and strengthen the government to control violent incidents in the port city.

To a question, he said, “Surely, its government responsibility, however, all the political parties must show sincerity on the issue of Karachi.”

Earlier, the Federal Minister listened to the people's problems and assures them of their early solution. On this occasion, the PPP District President Chaudhy Tahir Zaman Kaira was also present.

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Gerry D'Cunha
August 20, 2012 8:51 am
Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that Eidul Fitr is one of the Islamic festivals representing Muslim unity. Another 'joke' of the centuary. The country has celebrated 3 Eids this year, where is the muslim unity Aha Aha.
Malik Khalfan
August 20, 2012 10:10 am
What unity is Kaira talking about? Muslims killing Muslims?
August 20, 2012 9:27 am
Eid is a time when we disuinite, not unite. Its a suprise thet here in UK we had Eid on the same day. Usually we have 2 but it seem Pakistan has beaten that record by doing Eid on 3 different days. This moonsighting malarky has to be stopped and we shud rely on observatory/western world. We rely on the west for everything else, might as well rely on them for moonsighting.
August 20, 2012 8:52 pm
with 3 eids in Pakistan, it surely represents our unity
Khane Khanan
August 20, 2012 11:07 pm
What MUSLIM UNITY is this man talking about? When you learn to start each month on the the same day throughout the muslim world, there might be the beginning of such a notion. And when you behave like a real muslim should do, you may be able to fruitfully use that unity. Otherwise if, according to current practice, you act as the proxies of those who train their forces on the doctrine that "ISLAM IS OUR ENEMY AND HIROSHIMA STYLE ACTION MAY HAVE TO TAKEN AGAINST ITS (HOLY) CITIES OF MAKKAH AND MADINAH," and do their bidding to utterly destroy other muslim countries and call an OIC meeting meeting when you get nowhere, you are an active agent of the neo CRUSADERS and their rotten head, ISRAEL. In short, until you become a real muslim, all these fancy statements are nothing but sheer hypocrisy.
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