‘Reforms in the health sector’

THIS is apropos of Shumaila Usman’s letter ‘Reforms in the health sector’ (Aug 15). I agree with most of her points except when she said that private-sector hospitals were equipped with ‘modern facilities’. Except for a very few well-known private hospitals/medical/diagnostic centres, most of these are using old/refurbished equipment, thanks to the government/FBR which has allowed import of second-hand medical equipment which, at times, could possibly give erroneous medical report endangering the life of the patient.

Plus the old equipment is often unable to match the latest advancements in the clinical/medical science which pushes our country’s medical services further back. But still these private hospitals charge huge amounts for services/reporting etc. The government hospitals are ill-equipped and even when they are well-equipped, they don't have trained operators and maintenance engineers.

The Aga Khan University Hospital is arguably the first hospital in Pakistan and the best example in the country which ever since its commencement in the mid-1980s has the most adequate group of maintenance engineers which get factory-trained abroad and work day and night to keep their equipment performing at its best.


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Aug 20, 2012 12:04am
What do you expect from a corrupt sytem? More corruption. It is not even worth mentioning as we have already gone to dogs.