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LAHORE, Aug 19: Eid prayers were held at four places in the provincial metropolis on Sunday.

The congregations were organised at various schools and marriage halls in Township, Garden Town, Tajpura and Kasurpura localities.

Most of the participants were Lahorites although some Afghans and Pathans from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also joined the prayers.

The organisers observed strict confidentiality for fear of police interference as the previous year one of such gatherings had been raided to arrest some members of a banned outfit.

Unlike in the past, they did not allow even news channels to cover the events as a TV channel team was returned from Tajpura congregation place, where the organisers refused to allow them to make footage of the faithful offering Eid prayers.

In the past, Eid congregations used to be held in Bund Road area, populated by Afghan refugees, the day Eid was observed in KPK.

But, since a majority of refugees has been repatriated to Afghanistan, no such event was organised this year.

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