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HRCP assails charge against minor

People shout slogans during a protest rally in Lahore on January 9, 2011, against a proposed amendment in the blasphemy law. — Photo by AFP/File

KARACHI, Aug 19: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has strongly condemned the charge of blasphemy against an 11-year-old Christian girl, residing in the village of Golra.

The fact that the girl is a juvenile and suffers from Down syndrome only makes the charge more preposterous and barbaric. It is also extremely disturbing to note that the police allowed a mob to surround the police station and demand that she be handed over.

The spread of extremism and the authorities’ preference for appeasing charged mobs, rather than taking the correct and lawful course, should make those in power as well as other political forces take serious note. It is deplorable that the country’s political leadership refrains from speaking out against extremism and the injustices towards non-Muslims.

The HRCP called upon the authorities to immediately release the young girl and provide protection to her family.

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Cyrus Howell
Aug 21, 2012 07:32am
"Our religion is everything to us." "I'm sorry. I didn't know that."