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Eid train too misses arrival time

RAWALPINDI, Aug 17: Pakistan Railways failed to maintain punctuality even for its Eid special train which arrived from Karachi four hours late.

Karachi-Peshawar Eid train was scheduled to arrive at Rawalpindi at 2:30pm but it arrived at 6:45pm. The passengers of the train were seen searching for dates or water at the plate form to break their fast.

“It was my fault to choose railways to come back home town and spoil my fast as every body knows that the trains does not bring the passengers on time,” said Abdul Ahad, a passenger at the railway station.

He said the private bus service was better than the train as it would save the time of the people and they would reach the destination according to scheduled time. He said that the government had failed to improve the railways.

Mustaqeem Ahmed, a passenger coming from Khanpur, said that the train arrived Khanpur yesterday night late and it developed some minor fault. He said that he did not arrange dates for breaking fast as he thought he would reach Rawalpindi before Iftar time.

He said that the railways became popular in developed countries but in our country the bureaucracy spoiling it. “The government is also responsible for improving the railways,” he said.

The railway officials blamed shortage of engines for the delay. They said that the government would soon provide funds for overhauling the engines and the situation would improve soon. When contacted, Pakistan Railways Divisional Superintendent Syed Munawar Shah said that PR Rawalpindi division had arranged coaches to connect with Mehar Express and Margallah express and Eid Special train from Peshawar to Karachi. He said that despite all the odds, the railway was struggling to manage the rush at railway station.

He said that two additional coaches had been attached with Mehar Express which had left for Multan in the afternoon. He said that the Railways would also attach two additional coaches with Margallah Express from Rawalpindi to Lahore on Saturday.—A Reporter

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