THIS is apropos of the news report about PAF Minhas airbase at Kamra. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Ehsan claimed the militant organisation had carried out the attack “to avenge the deaths of Osama bin Laden, the TTP Amir Baitullah Mehsud and other fighters who had been killed by the Pakistani security forces.” .

Words can’t express how saddened I am to know about this deadly attack. According to the Gregorian calendar, just 24 hours after the Independence Day of my beloved homeland Pakistan, enemies of Pakistan and Islam attacked Pakistan.

According to the Hijri calendar, Pakistan came into being on 27th of Ramazan in the year 1366 A.H. It means they attacked Pakistan on its Independence Day. The timing of this attack sends a clear message to us that Al Qaeda and all other groups, which are self-proclaimed Islamists, are enemies of Pakistan.

This is not an ordinary thing. We must not remain silent over this matter. We have been fighting the war on terror for one decade and our political leaders, military jawans, media personnel and people of all walks of life have played their part and made sacrifices against terrorism.

This attack is a reminder for us that they want the destruction of Pakistan. We must not show any mercy to our enemies.

Some people like Imran Khan have a soft corner for these deadly enemies of Pakistan. Also, some sections of the media support their mantras. In fact, all other Taliban and Al Qaeda apologists are wrong in supporting the Taliban and Al Qaeda who have killed thousands of Pakistanis.

It’s time the naked truth was recognised so that we are able to save our country and our people.


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