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Rahat Fateh Ali can’t go to India?

The cyber world is abuzz with the news that singer par excellence Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has been officially barred from entering India. This has generated a lot of negative vibe on social media, despite the fact that the report is yet to be confirmed.

The reason given for it is that Indian singers aren’t happy with RFK’s success as a Bollywood playback singer. It is a weenie bit hard to believe, because even if they were they would have asked their government to do something about it years ago when Rahat F K started singing for them.

Social media networks are also rife with the rumour that not just Rahat but all Pakistani vocalists cannot visit India anymore. If that’s the case, it’s sad. If not, then still sad because in our society there’s no dearth of those who spread false news without thinking twice about its consequences.

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