Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. — AP File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Friday reiterating the commitment of the government to hold fair, free and impartial elections and said only democratic system of government could ensure progress and prosperity in the country and provide strength to all institutions.

Addressing a function here at BISP auditorium to distribute financial assistance to the deserving people, the Prime Minister said, PPP being a national party believes in the power of masses and always came to power through power of vote.

The Prime Minister said, “Holding fair, free and impartial elections is the only aim of the government for which the government has been taking all possible steps and the appointment of unanimously acceptable Chief Election Commissioner is a first step in this direction.”

Raja Pervez Ashraf said the country's destiny and future directly linked to democracy.

He said that directly elected representatives by the people, through a fair, free and impartial process of election could strengthen the democratic process and the institutions of the country.

He said the country is heading towards fresh general elections and Chief Election Commissioner has been appointed in this regard while other measures are being taken as individuals do not matter and the only source of power and strength in the democratic system is the voice of the masses.

The Prime Minister said governments are not to stay for ever but the country will stay for ever as it belongs to all the Pakistanis and its right of every Pakistani that he will participate freely in the politics.

He said the politicians should present themselves to the court of masses and the masses have the final authority to elect any one who then will have the power to rule the country and there should be no confusion at any level in this regard.

The Prime Minister expressed the firm resolve of the government to hold fair, free and impartial elections as the government has firm believe that decision to elect the future rulers should be done by the registered voters of the country and there should be no ambiguity in this regard.

He said, “We are not against any one and will go to the court of the masses to seek fresh mandate”.

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