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Contempt notices to 9 newspapers

LAHORE: The Supreme Court ... today issued contempt notices to the Printers and Publishers of nine newspapers of the country.

The nine newspapers have been asked to show cause why action should not be taken against them for reproducing Mr Justice Shabir Ahmad’s petition for the expunction of certain remarks made by a Full Bench of the West Pakistan High Court in its judgment in the Col Yousuf Case.

A Full Bench of the Supreme Court comprising the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr Justice A. R. Cornelius, Mr Justice S. A. Rehman, Mr Justice Hamoodur Rehman and Mr Justice Fazle Akbar, ordered the issue of notices.

The dailies are: ‘Dawn’, ‘The Pakistan Times’, ‘The Morning News’, ‘The Pakistan Observer’, ‘The Civil and Military Gazette’, ‘The Jung’, ‘The Anjam’, ‘The Indus Times’ and ‘The Kohistan’.

The Attorney-General of Pakistan, Mr Tufail Ali Abdul Rehman, had filed a petition against these newspapers, alleging that by publishing the petition filed by Mr Justice Shabir Ahmed of the West Pakistan High Court in the Supreme Court they have prejudiced the case of Mr Justice Shabir Ahmed and Mr Ali Nawaz Gardezi....—Agencies

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