PSO seeks 1.305 mln tonnes oil products for Oct-Dec

Pakistan State Oil’s retail outlet.—File Photo
Pakistan State Oil’s retail outlet.—File Photo

SINGAPORE: Pakistan State Oil is seeking up to 1.305 million tonnes of oil products for delivery from October to December, 50 per cent more than its previous purchase, a tender document showed on Wednesday.  

The state-owned firm is seeking up to 520,000 tonnes of high sulphur fuel oil, 165,000 tonnes of low sulphur fuel oil, 305,000 tonnes of 0.5 per cent sulphur gasoil, and 315,000 tonnes of 87-octane gasoline.

PSO last bought 840,000 tonnes of fuel oil and gasoline for August-October delivery, skipping gasoil spot purchase. It last bought gasoil in May, for June-August delivery.

The current tender closes Aug 29, with bids valid until Sept 7.

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