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ISLAMABAD, Aug 14: Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) meeting which will be held on August 27 has become controversial as member of the commission, Federal Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology has shown reservations on the agenda of the meeting and sought explanation from Establishment Division because appointment of MP Scale officers is prerogative of the prime minister but here the commission is going to appoint them, Dawn has learnt.

According to document available with Dawn Federal Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology Akhlaq Ahmed Tarar has sent a letter to Establishment Division in which he has stated that HEC has included him in Selection Board being a member of the commission.

Letter says, according to the rules all the appointments in MP Scale are done by the prime minister and for that Establishment Division has already informed through a letter vide O.M No 1(72)/2002-E-6.

On the other hand, HEC has notified a separate Selection Board and summoned a meeting to extend the contracts for appointments of officers.

Through the letter, Establishment Division has been requested to advise if HEC is competent to initiate an independent Selection Board for appointment of Executive Director in MP-I and similar positions in light of its recruitment rules. According to agenda of the meeting, HEC has decided to extend the contracts of MP Scale officers. Contracts of officers will expire in the month of September.

It further states that HEC ordinance does not confer powers to the commission. The powers to make rules under section 21, categorically requires prior approval of controlling authority i.e. prime minister.

An officer of HEC requesting not to be identified said: “According to rules, HEC cannot constitute a selection board for the appointment of officers of MP Scale. It is only prerogative of PM. Chairman HEC or any other officer can be member of selection board but cannot chair.”

“Meeting which was summoned on August 27, cannot discuss the issues of appointments/extensions of contracts of MP scale officers because Chairman HEC is going to preside over the meeting but he cannot chair such kind of meetings,” he said.

Director General Human Resource Department of HEC, Awais Ahmed while talking to Dawn said that the commissions will not only follow the rule, while considering the cases of extension but will assure that the process would be transparent.

Member of the commission and former Senator Razina Alam Khan said that she was not aware if Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar has shown any concerns but she will make sure that nothing would be done against the rules.

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Aug 16, 2012 09:22am
All instituions are being destroyed by such corrupt mafias. everywhere is news of Curruption, Injustice, Violation of Laws and Rules. The only hope is Supreme Court, if it were not there, the country would be sold out by these mafias. Supreme Court should take somoto action on that..
Aug 15, 2012 06:09am
Ruining HEC .. another gift of the 'Roti - kapra - makan' government
Hussain Haqqani
Aug 16, 2012 06:17am
HEC was regarded for its achievements not only by the general public and national/International educationists but also by the International Higher Education Community as well. But unfortunately the top management (MP Scales) of HEC has started a clash with its employees (regular officers), which will ultimately bring the whole HEC at the verge of destruction, as a matter of fact an Organization is as good as the quality of its workers ... the clash will deteriorate the status of the regular officers which in turn will cause to reverse its (HEC) achievements in the long run.
Aug 16, 2012 06:29am
THEY have already ruined HEC....infact they have ruined every institution of pakistan....our president keeps on appointing officials who are his friends who at the time of their appointment get to know Wow so this is the job i am going to perform.