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Pakistani soldiers at Pak-afghan border. — File Photo
Pakistani soldiers at Pak-Afghan border. — File Photo

KABUL: Authorities in Afghanistan said Tuesday that one of their border posts came under a shelling attack from Pakistan, prompting Afghans to return fire in a clash that lasted for more than two hours.

The incident, which reportedly caused no casualties, comes amid growing border tension between the neighbours, with Kabul alleging that Pakistani security forces have fired hundreds of rounds into Afghanistan in recent months.

Pakistani officials were not immediately available for comment but Islamabad has rejected similar allegations in recent past, saying Pakistani troops only respond to attacks from militants.

Afghanistan and Pakistan typically blame each other for violence by Taliban militants plaguing both sides of their border, known as the Durand Line.

Afghanistan's interior ministry said Afghan border police and Pakistani security forces traded artillery fire in eastern Kunar province's Dangam district on the frontline between the two countries, but there were no casualties.

“One of our border posts came under fire this morning from across the border. Our border police returned fire and the clash lasted for more than two hours,” Najeeb Nikzad, an interior ministry spokesman, told AFP.

“No one has been hurt on our side and there are no reports of casualties on the other side either,” he added.

He said Pakistani forces fired about 50 rounds — 20 artillery and 27 mortar shells.

Afghanistan's parliament earlier this month dismissed the country's defence and interior ministers over alleged security failures, including the shelling of Afghan soil from Pakistan.

Nato's military force in Afghanistan last month condemned cross-border shelling from Pakistan, after Kabul warned that it could significantly harm relations between the strife-torn neighbours.


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P N Eswaran
Aug 14, 2012 11:27am
With Pakistan it is 'brotherly fire' with others it is 'friendly fire'. Unfortunately the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is surrounded by brothers and friends. They have to fire at them as there are no enemies around!
A Khan
Aug 14, 2012 11:19am
Why do you call Afghanis as Nomad ? Ther are defending their country from the invader All the weapons which are being transported through Pakistan will be used against Pakistan. That is the end game.
Aug 14, 2012 09:32am
There is something wrong here. Afghans are shooting Nato soldiers, American soldiers, Australian soldiers and now Pakistani soldiers. It will take another generation to train those savages. Americans are wasting their time and money trying to civilized nomad people.