DACCA: The Vice-President of the Pakistan Muslim League, Maulana Mohammad Akram Khan, today formally announced the revival of the League, and directed all branches to start functioning immediately.

In a statement issued here today, the Maulana said that the Pakistan Muslim League with all its branches stands revived after the coming into force of the Political Parties Act.

Maulana Akram Khan, therefore, called upon all the branches of the Pakistan Muslim League — from the provincial Leagues to primary units — and also the Organising Committees to resume their activity at once.

Meanwhile, it is understood that the informal meeting of Muslim Leaguers, held at the residence of Mr Nurul Amin yesterday, was in session for about six hours.

Mr Nurul Amin, who leads the non-revivalist group in the Muslim League, exchanged views with other Leaguers present in the meeting on the question of revival. Late last night, a spokesman of the group claimed that “an overwhelming majority” of the Leaguers present supported the view that the party should not be revived.

Among others, Shah Azizur Rahman, General Secretary of the East Pakistan Muslim League, and Mr Abdul Karim, former Speaker of the East Wing Assembly, were present at the meeting.—Dacca Correspondent

Detenus’ families DACCA: The East Pakistan Assembly today passed the East Pakistan Public Safety (amendment) Bill, 1962 to provide, inter alia, for the constitution of a board for reviewing the cases of security prisoners.

After the passage of the Bill and disposal of some minor matters, the Speaker, Mr Abdul Hamid Chowdhury, prorogued the House. —Dacca Correspondent

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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