THERE should be no doubt in anybody’s mind that the US would not take long to declare the Haqanni network a terrorist organisation and by doing so will get a licence to go after them, with or without Pakistan’s consent, anywhere in Pakistani territory.

The drones being most accurate and lethal weapon are a safe method with the US military to target the network.

They do not need to carry out a ground operation to go out on suspected positions. All they need to do is to inflict enough damage on the network to make it toothless.

But drone attacks due to collateral damage are radicalising other people who may not have supported the Taliban and the militants.

Drone attacks are having far-reaching psychological impact on Pakistani society, including tribal areas and settled urban population of big cities.

An action against Haqqanis will result in more suicide attacks in urban areas, thus spreading terror all over Pakistan. Such a dispensation only helps the US when they are already planning to withdraw.

But the flip side of the coin is that wounded Haqqanis may prove more fatal to both sides. Are we prepared for that situation?


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August 13, 2012 12:59 pm
Then why can't Pakistan Govt take action against these terrorist organisation????
August 13, 2012 12:46 pm
Haqqannis declares to be terrorist only usA is making its dream to be fulfill by such a blaming and it is going to be weakens the pakistan by raiding or by making a war batween citizens and militry.Alas why our leader cannot understand this?
Major Ex-SSG(Ret)
August 14, 2012 4:42 am
The Farangi has always used divide and rule principle for empire building and hegemony. Set a brother to kill a brother has historically worked rather well in the Sub-Continent. In fact even in the Americas, a study of American Indian wars, historical records demonstrate this principle used over and over again...that when a specially able and battle savvy native tribal Indian Chief could not be defeated in the battlefield, his own people, or a disgruntled rival, were bribed to kill him when unarmed at home or while conducting a village peace meeting. Or set tribes to annihilate each other through prolonged attrition and sustained blood letting through intrigue, bribes, and rewards. When the wisest and bravest are eliminated the rest are easily enslaved.
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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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