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Ramazan programmes

You do not exactly know how to react to the programmes made by different TV channels for the holy of month of Ramazan. While a couple of them are worth watching, a majority of the shows give a fair indication as to how deep mediocrity has seeped into our society.

From an early age we are taught that one should do a good deed or get involved in charity in such a way that not even someone close to us should know about it (so that the element of bragging is eliminated). What these TV channels are doing is that they invite people, ostensibly from the underprivileged segment of society or those with social issues, and resolve their problems on live television through their anchors who do their job with such fakeness that the word sincerity loses its meaning. It all comes across as a badly executed professional job.

In a manner of speaking it is an insult to those disadvantaged people who come to these shows for one reason or another having their dignity at stake. Well, perhaps that’s the new version of reality television and we’ve become compulsive cribbers.

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