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Dealing with criminals

NOTHING happened regarding the case of the women allegedly stoned to death in Khanewal until the SC took suo motu notice.

During the proceedings the Chief Justice enquired  about the performance of the local police. The state machinery turned into action after the hearing. The IG Punjab has recommended a judicial inquiry into the incident. He also suspended the police officers concerned for negligence.

Some people criticise the suo motu notice and say this is judicial activism. Sometimes they call it judicial interference in government function. Similarly, if the media highlights these issues, then they call it unnecessary coverage or media hype.

But, on the other hand, it is proved that the state machinery does not move until the media or the judiciary brings such issues to the fore. The Punjab chief minister also paid a visit to the brave family when the Supreme Court took notice of this incident.

A few days ago another incident happened in the Channi Goth area of Bahawalpur. If the stoning to death of this woman was a crime, so was the burning a man alive. Since there was no suo motu from the SC, no police officer was suspended or transferred. The Punjab CM should have taken notice of this incident.


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Izhar Bajwa
Aug 04, 2012 07:07pm
I agree with Dr. Alfred. The underlying issue is that we carry out protests when minorities are mistreated in some far off country (Burma) but fail to give our minorities their due share of rights and respect. Hypocrisy.
Cyrus Howell
Aug 04, 2012 07:10pm
The executed woman's husband was picked up by the police so he could not retaliate against the landlord. The police had probably been paid by the landlord to kidnap the husband for the landlords protection. The woman's husband was awaiting disposition of his case by his captors. The law courts (for him) acted just in time. These offenses are punishable by revolution.