Acute shortage of water in Gwadar

Published Aug 04, 2012 12:03am

GWADAR is regarded as one of the most famous and perhaps the best city in Balochistan. By virtue of its beauty and view, it has earned fame. In spite of its beauty and geographical importance, it is deeply depressing to notice that it has no potable water for its citizens.

Noticeably, the Ankara Kaur Dam was built in 1993 by National Engineering Services Pakistan for water supply, which is now empty. The provincial government hired 110 tankers to bring water from Belar Dam (85km far from Gwadar) to facilitate the public.

Unfortunately, it cannot solve the problem. The reason is that the port city needs 3.5 million gallons of water a day but tankers are providing 0.6 million gallons, which is not sufficient to meet the full demand.

Tanker owners demand hefty amounts from residents and the district administrator for water supply. On the other hand, in Sunt Sar there are 10 tube wells which can provide 0. 25 million gallons of water, among them three are functional for the Gwadar city which have failed to solve the water problem.

Moreover, the Balochistan Development Authority was supposed to install a desalination plant in Gwadar at a cost of Rs1 billion but this project is not yet completed.

If it gets functional, it will produce about two million gallons of water a day. This may fulfil the demand for water. However, if the government connects Gwadar with Mirani Dam in Kech district, it will be able to provide a minimum of five million gallons, and solve the problem.

The desalination plant project should be completed in order to overcome the water crisis in Gwadar.

If the problem is not solved, after one year the residents of Gwadar will be forced to leave the city I request the federal government to take positive steps so as to overcome the acute shortage of water in Gwadar.


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