LAHORE, Aug 2: The Punjab Assembly has notified seven bills as acts of house after the governor failed to sign the bills within stipulated period of 10 days.

The bills approved by the house had earlier been returned by Governor Latif Khosa under Article 116 of the Constitution for reconsideration by the provincial legislature of the objections raised by him against the legislation.

The house under Article 113 of the Constitution re-approved the bills as they were at its recent sitting that ended on July 19 and sent them back to the governor for his approval.

Under the law, the governor is bound to sign such re-approved bills within 10 days and in case of his failure to do so they automatically become laws.

The seven bills notified by the Punjab Assembly as laws are Punjab Civil Servants Bill, Parks and Horticulture Authority Bill, Punjab Supervision of Curriculum Bill, Punjab Animal Slaughter Control Bill, University of Health Sciences Bill, King Edward Medical College University Bill and Punjab Agriculture University Bill.

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