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PESHAWAR: “Those parties which were under ban before the Martial Law can neither be formed again nor can they be reorganised”, declared Khan Habibullah Khan, Home Minister of Pakistan, while addressing a Press conference. He particularly named the Communist Party which was banned long before Martial Law was promulgated in the country.

The Home Minister referred to the Political Parties Bill as passed by the National Assembly explaining that the “parties which are aided or inspired by foreign countries cannot be formed under the law”.

He further added that removal of ban on political parties is not at all unconditional.—Correspondent

NAP leaders discuss formation of Party

DACCA: Leaders of the now defunct National Awami Party (NAP), both from East and West Pakistan, met here yesterday to discuss the political and economic conditions of the country vis-a-vis the Party’s stand but could not come to a conclusion on the future of the Party….—Agencies

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