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Ineffective control of crimes

NOW the big questions are: (i) who should be held responsible for the creation of the present conditions prevailing in Pakistan, specially in Karachi, and (ii) who is responsible for bringing the law and order situation back to normal in Karachi and other big cities?

The answer to the first question is: certain political, ethnic, religious and sectarian elements are involved in creating law and order situation. The administration is also responsible for not handling lawlessness in an effective way.

The answer to the second question is: the government and the concerned departments are responsible for providing security of life and property to the people. The people of Karachi still continue to face a law and order situation and there is no respite in sight. It is further worrying that the law and order situation in the city of Lahore has also started worsening.

This must be contained immediately and not left to deteriorate like that in Karachi.

It is sickening that every time elections take place, politicians make big promises which are not fulfilled and people are thus cheated. No change takes place towards improvement in the system. How can one justify the huge expenditure made on elections without any improvement in the security situation and other problems?

It appears that the whole system of elections has to be revised, and more and more educated people from the middle class must be inducted — on merit only. In the first place, criminals are generally caught but no justice is done because of lack of proper evidence. In such a situation, necessary improvement in the existing laws seems necessary for the sake of justice and for discouraging criminals.

The government has to remain more realistic and rational in making policies for future.

Dr Iftikhar Ahmad Karachi

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Jul 23, 2012 08:58pm
Dr. Iftakhar Ahmed sahb, You have given such an outstanding solution. But, as a matter fact it is up to the government implementation. You have not discussed how to implement the said solutions?.........Actually, the said solutions have to be done by Government policies. And those policies have to be decided by the bilateral relations with the masses and govt:. Besides, You have opined that the middle or lover calls have to come ahead. But, since the the independence of Pakistan, this is the major problem, that feudal system/chodri/wadera system has been dominating in our society.
Jul 24, 2012 07:30pm
thats really good..