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March, 27 2015

Birthday jokes

Q: What do George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Christopher Columbus all have in common?

A: They were all born on holidays.


Q: What goes up and never comes down?

A: Your age!


One day a king sat outside his palace in a gloomy mood. The king saw a beggar passing by and he asked the beggar if he wanted some bread. He gratefully accepted it.

A: “Don’t birthdays burn you up?”


Q: “Were any famous men born on your birthday?”

A: “No, only little babies.”


Q: What do they serve at birthday parties in heaven?

A: Angel food cake, of course!


Q: What has wings, a long tail and wears a bow?

A: A birthday pheasant!


Q: Why do we put candles on top of a birthday cake?

A: Because it’s too hard to put them on the bottom!


Q: What was the average age of a cave man?

A: Stone Age!


Q: Why couldn’t prehistoric man send birthday cards?

A: The stamps kept falling off the rocks!


Q: Why was the birthday cake as hard as a rock?

A: Because it was marble cake!


 Q: What party game do rabbits like to play?

A: Musical hares!


Q: What does a cat like to eat on his birthday?

A: Mice cream and cake!


Patient: “Doctor, I get heartburn every time I eat birthday cake.”

Doctor: “Next time, take off the candles.”


I like birthdays, but I think too many can kill you.


Q: Where do you find a birthday present for a cat?

A: In a cat-alogue!


Q: What did the bald man say when he got a comb for his birthday?

A: Thanks. I’ll never part with it!


Q: Why are birthday’s good for you?

A: Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest!


Q: What did the ice cream say to the unhappy birthday cake?

A: “What’s eating you?”


Q: What is a meaning of a true friend?

A: One who remembers your birthday but not your age!— Compiled by The Surfer

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